A family moves into a new house where they gradually begin to encounter paranormal and horror events.

When a family moves to Laddaland, an upscale housing development with large, beautiful homes, they discover life in their new neighborhood isn't so perfect when they encounter a series of ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Laddaland torrent reviews

Des M (nl) wrote: Just finished watching. I'm sorry to say but the only good thing I can say about this movie is that most of the story line was good. Perhaps another director could have improved upon it???? Mr Fuller should have spent his time concentrating on one thing, either acting or directing. Mr Fuller and Mr Greenberg have a good story here and should have taken advantage of a well known director. I wish them success with future endeavours.

tp b (ag) wrote: Hmm, what to say? S L O W and not very impressive.

Erin P (ru) wrote: Awesome movie. I love Amanda Bynes.

Crystal R (mx) wrote: This was was pretty good....gruesome in that Japanese way, but the story was pretty interesting and kept you guessing. Reminded me of Seven.

Shaheen A (mx) wrote: My ultimate favorite indian movie!!Aamir Khan is still the best!!

Jack D (br) wrote: The Scorsese segment features great performances and direction, but isn't overly exciting. The Coppola segment is an absolute bore. The Allen segment is smart, fun and hilarious short making it the best of the three.

Brian W (de) wrote: Very intriguing name, an Italian director guarantees this one will be sick. Anyone know where I can find this?

Abel D (gb) wrote: Still intense after so many years, this surprisingly visceral and uneasy film serves as a fascinating snapshot of a country in ethnic turmoil. The combination of naturalistic performances and very restrained camerawork & editing create a very palpable realism and gravity to the horrific events portrayed.

Augusto A (jp) wrote: I think I found my new favorite Hammer film. It is at least on par with Curse of Frankenstein and Horror of Dracula. It sort of stumbles a little towards the end, but both Cushing and Lee are pretty good, Terence Fisher is at his most inspired, the movie's well paced and the storyline is interesting, putting an original spin on a monster largely underused by cinema. The music is also pretty good.

PEEKABOO (nl) wrote: Great Movie and the book by Donald Goines is even better!!!!

T T (mx) wrote: this movie SUCKED glad i didnt go to the movies to see it. sorry i wasted my resbox credit to see it. AWFUL! wish i could give it ZERO STARS