Ladies Nice

Ladies Nice

A groups of kids have a reckless party ignoring that their parent´s sins will fall over them

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Des S (gb) wrote: The storyline sounded really interesting and I'm glad I watched this movie! It was a wonderfully done movie. It really touched my heart.

Paul S (de) wrote: I loved this. It was poetic and deep on so many levels. It was well balanced between the drama, the story and the emotional impact that it had on me. This can easily be described as a cinematic masterpiece. Great acting all around. The movie is overall great poetry. The kung fu was beautiful to watch. Fabulous story. Well executed. The cinematography was exceptional. Jackie Chan was great. I have nothing bad to say about this movie whatsoever. It was worth every minute and I think that I will watch it again one day.

Edi G (ru) wrote: DUMB !!! Not worth your time and everything.... it's not even worth my 0.5 star ...

Randy T (br) wrote: pretend you're a foreigner and you can get what you want :D

Mark D (kr) wrote: 'naked gun' inspired. Or should I say rip off being that some of the gags looked strangely familiar. A messy beginning but picks up a little towards the end. Leslie nielson basically plays drebben and that can't be that bad but the supporting cast (except the Italians) blow. Watchable but forgettable

Nishlank J (ca) wrote: touching and honest.

Aaron O (us) wrote: Let me sum this movie up with one scene: Hulk Hogan beats a couple of gun-wielding thugs by throwing apple pie at them from across the room.

Ola G (jp) wrote: Sergeant Nicolo "Nico" Toscani (Steven Seagal), a native of Palermo, Italy, is a detective in the Chicago Police Department's vice squad. At an early age he became interested in martial arts, and moved to Japan to study. In 1969, Nico was recruited into the CIA by Special Agent Nelson Fox (Chelcie Ross) and was involved in covert operations on the Vietnamese-Cambodian border during the Vietnam War in 1973. There, he became disgusted with Kurt Zagon (Henry Silva), who tortured prisoners. A stand-off occurred when Nico tried to stop a torture session, and he left the CIA. Nico returned to Chicago, joined the CPD, and got married. Nico and his new partner Detective Delores "Jacks" Jackson (Pam Grier), are now investigating a drug ring, and after busting two of the dealers, including Salvadorian drug dealer Tony Salvano, Nico finds C4 explosives. Shortly afterward, the men that Nico and Jacks arrested are released at the request of Federal officials, and Nico is asked to stand down. Later, the priest of Nico's parish is killed in an explosion during Mass. Fox calls Nico and tells him to move his family to a safer location, saying that Nico is in danger. Under pressure from the Feds, Nico is asked to turn in his badge. Nico eventually finds that the dealers he busted are linked to Zagon, who is still with the CIA, and who is accused of human rights violations by a Central American priest who was being sheltered by Nico's priest. While Zagon is torturing the priest, Nico bursts in and a gun battle ensues. Detective Lukich (Ron Dean) and Jacks are wounded during the shoot-out, and Nico has to flee. Senator Ernest Harrison is investigating Zagon's group to reveal their covert operations and drug dealing. When Nico finds out that Zagon killed the priest and is planning to kill Harrison, he goes after Zagon..."Nico" or "Above The Law" was Steven Seagals breakthrough film and generated him a spot as the new action hero in Hollywood. I remember that I thought this was a cool new action star and I reckon at the age of 16 years old you have hardly developed a analytical sense of what actually works on the screen or not. Action movie or not. With that said I do look upon this movie a bit differently today, but when I saw it again the other week it does have a base that is not too shabby. Seagal is ok (compared to later in his career), Pam Grier is always good, nice to see a young Sharon Stone, Henry Silva is always good as a bad guy and director Andrew Davis, who directed Chuck Norris best film "Code of Silence" in 1985, knows how to do classic action vehicles and he also knows how to incorporate a city in to the storyline. The main problem with "Nico" is that the plot is not really clear, everything is a bit wishy washy and fragmented in my eyes. Steven Seagal shows off his skills and here we actually get to see him in action all the time. And not a stuntman doing his action sequences like in most of his films the past 15 years.. I bought a copy of the film at a fleemarket and to my surprise they had made some cuts in the final confrontation between Nico and Zagon in this version I got hold of. Cuts that was as well part of the version I saw in 1988. A clear minus in my eyes as I assumed these cut copies were dead and gone. Censorship is not something I support and never have. Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times stated "It contains 50 percent more plot than it needs, but that allows it room to grow in areas not ordinarily covered in action thrillers." In a negative review, Hal Hinson of the Washington Post criticized it as "woefully short on originality." Trivia: A sequel was confirmed August 2nd 2016. Produced by Steven Seagal under his Steamroller productions. It is currently unknown if Andrew Davis will return to direct.

Wiebke K (nl) wrote: While this movie is primarily about a father-son relationship, I found its appeal in its portrayal of what happens when your charity (towards the homeless) has to extend to immediate family, and how this can change your perspective.

Cheryl W (ag) wrote: I thought that this was brilliantly funny! The dialogue, the characters and the acting are all so clever and original. I am mystified by the critical scores. It's one of my favorites!

Ued O (ca) wrote: I get goose bumps every time I watch the performance and I have watched it a billion times it never fails to happen. Wonderful movie.

Lanky Man P (us) wrote: A fun, loving story about life that everyone can relate to in some way. A must see.