Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

Lady, a golden cocker spaniel, meets up with a mongrel dog who calls himself the Tramp. He is obviously from the wrong side of town, but happenings at Lady's home make her decide to travel with him for a while.

The romantic tale of a sheltered uptown Cocker Spaniel dog and a streetwise downtown Mutt. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lady and the Tramp torrent reviews

Scott P (jp) wrote: "Entertaining" is the best word to describe this quirky little comedy. Not much of a plot, but Julianne Moore and Nathan Lane keep it funny while Greg Kinnear plays one of his not-so-loving father roles. The acting makes up for what the movie lacks. Enjoy!

Ocram I (jp) wrote: 80% Quite a well directed if not well acted or super funny YouTube film.

David D (us) wrote: Beaucoup de questions pos (C)es mais tout juste survol (C)es, dommage... J'espre que dans le manga, c'est plus approfondi. Je m'en vais m (C)diter sur tout a. Bonne nuit... Ou pas.

Mario L (fr) wrote: A memorable gritty horror flick with great cinematography, good acting, nice balance of gore and fright- a nice take on the true life case. Hodder's main role was well played and overall I'd recommend it to anyone.

Gimly M (us) wrote: A pretty poor script and low budget executed masterfully. The positives and negatives almost perfectly cancel one another out for a completely watchable middle-of-the-road type horror.

Drew N (mx) wrote: One of the greatest Horror films of all time right alongside The Shining and The Evil Dead. It draws inspiration from both while also being revolutionary in several ways, just as they were.

Dillon K (us) wrote: With campy b-movie esk effects and dialogue XXX State of the Union quickly spirals out of control from the very beginning, attempting to mimic the appeal of a Bond-like spy/agent film.

Nonya B (fr) wrote: Yeah, this movie was a real sleeper. Unfortunately, I stayed awake and watched it. I'll know tomorrow morning what a mistake that was. Sorry, this one is a dud.

John T (fr) wrote: TO DOYet, it's just a lighthearted comedy and, if taken in that context, easier to swallow and enjoy. The story is at its funniest when Milland pitches and the ball dispy- doodles around the baseball bats of all the hitters. A large part of its success can be attributed to Ray Milland. As Professor Simpson, he never lets the character sink into the foolishness of Fred MacMurray's Ned Brainard from The Absent Minded Professor films. That is not meant to deride MacMurray's performance in those films, as his character was played as it was written, but the fact that Milland's Simpson appears more scholarly and analytical makes this film work even better. He sees his accidental discovery as a means to achieving two necessary goals: Making enough money to be able to wed Deborah (Jean Peters)and helping the Cardinals win the pennant.As Deborah, Jean Peters is gorgeous, charming and delightful. After Vernon's mysterious disappearance, she sets out to discover what became of him and through a series of mistaken coincidences believes he has joined the mob. Paul Douglas as Monk Lanigan, Vernon's catcher, has most of the funniest lines and some of the best scenes, one involving him wearing a splint while trying to catch, and another when he uses Vernon's formula as a hair tonic. He's a pure delight in what I consider one of his best roles.The fact that a college professor uses a chemistry formula (that makes most things repel wood) to win the World Baseball Championship actually makes it funnier. And it's wholesome fun, despite what some moralists may think. The premise that Ray Milland can't actually pitch too well is what makes this a true screwball comedy - and he is redeemed at the end (I won't say how so I won't spoil the fun of watching it). Absurd situations is what makes funny films. This definitely has the formula for comedy: Witty, lots of jokes, madcap romantic situations, and abundant twists and turns. Milland chose to star in this flick right after his Best Actor Oscar for a reason -it became a top comedy of the era. Paul Douglas is outrageously funny as his bemused catcher (the scene where he rubs Milland's wood-repelling formula into his hair is priceless). And the gorgeous Jean Peters comes across with top marks.

Matthew C (ag) wrote: What's a mentally ill woman to do when she wins millions of dollars in the lottery? Apparently she goes off her meds and produces/hosts a misguided, off-the-wall talk show in syndication. Kristen Wiig continues to demonstrate her versatility here. Not only does she give a realistic portrayal of someone suffering from Borderline Personality Disorder -- with all of the emotional ups and downs and relational turmoil that this entails -- but she also manages to terrifically balance that truth with an endearing naivet in which Wiig showcases some of her most outlandish comedic moments ever. Whilst this dramedy features fairly predictable story beats, the pure, delightful zaniness of the movie's talk show scenes (live and behind the scenes) may be just enough hilarity to make one forgive the familiar plotting. Oh, and the supporting cast -- all doing splendid jobs as 'straight men' to Wiig's antics -- also deserve a special note of praise!