Lady Be Good

Lady Be Good

Married songwriters almost split up while putting on a big show.

Songwriters Dixie Donegan and Eddie Crane are still in love after their divorce. Dixie's friend Marilyn Marsh tries to convince them to marry again, but this isn't that easy. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dan F (ag) wrote: Jake is great as always, a thinking film but don't think to much, i loved it

Eric A (fr) wrote: Imagine a comedian directing a movie: you get an inelegant man in his 50's evolving in a maze of blind dates, with modern China's female archetypes (all singles). I didn't enter the first part so much, but surprisingly liked the second better, when Qin, the anti-hero, lowers his guard a bit and shows more of his feelings. A tad predictable, I found the scene in Hokkaido reminiscent of Edward Yang's 'Yi Yi'. A light comedy, of course, but there would be so much more to say about contemporary China...

Corrine C (ag) wrote: who doesnt love a good lifetime movie? was a little one dimensional, but that is pretty much the definition of LMN

Hossein N (it) wrote: There are quite many gaps in the story but accidentally they make the movie kind of funny at times which takes away the bothering serious aspects of the movie. Enjoyed watching it with my advisor!

David U (mx) wrote: A very solid thriller.

Jake M (ca) wrote: Fun to imagine as a fan of the sport, but ultimately too far fetched for its own good.

Maark T (mx) wrote: This starts off as a nice movie, set on a wild and romantic coastline and to start with there is great romantic chemistry between the leads. With a promising start and a boring middle the viewer is left waiting for something to happen, and when it finally does happen it's a disappointment. The legendary Paul Newman steals the show with a superb supporting role that makes Costner look dull.

Simon D (jp) wrote: A remake which sticks quite closely to the original story so if you've not seen it and prefer a more accessible and clear version then this'll do. I was hoping this would be one of Herzogs disturbing films but it's about as scary as the original (not very), except for the opening scenes which are surely enough to make some people turn off immediately. It's just a shame this was basically false advertising and totally irrellevant to the film.

Shireen Hakim R (kr) wrote: Amazing. So hilarious. Weird, but hilarious. That scene with the little kid stabbing Ben Stiller did it for me.

Brad S (br) wrote: I didn't love the film, but thought it was ok. It felt fairly realistic, and Redford is good in it as is Gene Hackman. The directing and look of the film felt pretty dated, but I could live with it. I must say that I have never seen another film about skiing so it had that going for it. I was surprised that Criterion Collection chose to release it though. In any case, I found it at least worth a watch.