Lady Daddy

Lady Daddy

In the comedy "Lady Daddy," a young child from a divorced family searches for his father. What he doesn't know is that his father is now a woman after having sex reassignment surgery. His father Ji-hyeon (Lee Na-Young) was a medical student but is now a photographer ...

Ji-hyeon is enjoying her life after a female sex-change operation. One day a boy knocks on her door claiming that she is his father. Her attempts to act like an ordinary father conflicts with her life as a woman. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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MirIam H (ag) wrote: Great movie. Malaria kills about 500,000 kids mostly in Africa globally.

John R (ru) wrote: 110628: Did this film ever play in the theaters? Makes me laugh thinking about it though I didn't laugh much during. Presses the limits of good taste but, again, I find myself laughing inside when I think of it.

Duncan K (gb) wrote: Red Road is quite an interesting, and well executed film because it only gradually reveals the plot, the characters, and their motivations as the movie progresses.

Thomas J (gb) wrote: This is a big champagne budget movie done on a beer budget. Seeing how the story is told with what appears to be several beginners at the helm made it even more fun and bordered on artistic for me! It was an enjoyable movie to pass some time watching.

Garrett C (jp) wrote: Allen's nihilistic and misanthropic "Crimes and Misdemeanors" is the atheistic remake of Dostoyevsky's "Crime and Punishment," with the change of intent obviously present in the switch of title. Allen's statement here is a film that is utterly hopeless and believes that each human's individual choices make what their life is, that some choose to believe in God despite the lack of truth in that idea to get by in their life, some choose to love their family or their friends, etc. It essentially boils down to the existential belief that there is no meaning in life except what you make of it. But I do not fault the film for only having an untruthful philosophical message, I also in general found it to be a rather paltry Allen film besides its pretentious facade. I's generally unfunny and not involving dramatically. All of the characters are either despicable or pathetic, and all of Allen's most grating tendencies are not diluted here. I believe the majority of people who give this film a high rating enjoy it for the questions it asks and the "wise" sounding conclusions it reaches, but as someone who's very focused on philosophy I found its posturing dull and hollow.

Jesse R (fr) wrote: Another kick butt 80s flick featuring Chuck Norris as Eddie Cusak, who's a cop that obeys the law and does things by the book, but not so much his police department. Norris knocks out the tough and kicks out the baddies in this film. Another great Chuck Norris film.

Lisa S (br) wrote: Most of the time I felt for Brooks' character, and there are some funny scenes too, but the ending was anticlimactic and made romance feel futile.

Nathan N (mx) wrote: I hate using words like "outrageous" but that is all that can be said. It's just incredible and one of the most fun movies I have seen in a while. Good action, a great car chase, effective humor and various insane happenings make this a unique experience. I realy don't think I have ever heard the words "nigg(a)(er)" or "bitch" so many times in a single movie and I will never forget Alligator's funeral. Why where there no sequals to this?!

Albert A (ru) wrote: A heartbreaking story about falling out of love filled with beautiful imagery. My favorite Godard.

Walter M (us) wrote: In "While the City Sleeps," Edward Mobley(Dana Andrews) is left with the tough job of having to announce the death of Amos Kyne(Robert Warwick), the owner of Kyne Media and his boss, on his nightly newscast. That leaves the company in the less than capable hands of Amos' playboy son Walter(Vincent Price) who does not inspire his new employees. At least, he realizes his shortcomings by announcing the new position of Executive Director which he makes a contest between Mark Loving(George Sanders), John Day Griffith(Thomas Mitchell) and Harry Kritzer(James Craig). So, the spoils go to whoever reveals the identity of the lipstick killer(John Barrymore Jr.). "While the City Sleeps" is an entertaining movie performed with aplomb by a marvelous cast(not forgetting Ida Lupino and who could?) that owes more than a little debt to King Lear in its division of a kingdom.(And a character also references Macbeth.) And director Fritz Lang is certainly in his element here, again exploring civic responsibility with newspapers and related media in a free society that cannot properly function if they work entirely out of self-interest, as depicted here. As Amos puts it, a newspaper allows the citizens to make up their own mind while at the same time he puts the lipstick killer on the front page to scare everybody. Even though there is a killer on the loose, that's no reason to panic. And it is certainly no reason to take a cheap shot at comic books even in the wake of organized hysteria.

Lee M (br) wrote: Like the subject of a well-told proverb, Will is forced to learn about loyalty and trust while he navigates the dense moral grayness between society's definitions of right and wrong.