Lady Death

Lady Death

The movie begins in 15th century Sweden, where Hope, the beautiful daughter of Matthias, a skilled mercenary who is in actuality a demon, is accused of being the devil's consort. Sentenced by the town priest to be burned at the stake, Matthias, through his proxy, the jester Pagan, offers her life if she surrenders herself to him and join him in Hell.

Based on a comic book series. A woman burned at the stake in 15th century Sweden actually is Satan (Lucifer)'s daughter - and plots revenge against him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sujit O (ag) wrote: From the makers of the Netflix show Chef's table what a brilliant documentary!

Jrmie A (es) wrote: The best homage to Spielberg's films, that could ever be made.

Mason H (ru) wrote: Phenomenal in its original form, although modern animation would have been appreciated. The exploration of the alzheimers and dementia problem in 21st century society is a topic that will be growing along with our life expectancy and the animated approach is a convenient, if not ideal technique for exploring this issue.

Christine D (de) wrote: Very cute movie. Not my style movie but it definetely would be one for children to watch. Spirit of Christmas comes back. The puppies are so adorably cute!

Carl W (fr) wrote: Fun quirky comedy. Entertaining.

Marcy B (nl) wrote: Interesting movie definetely a must see,

Serge E (us) wrote: Certainly not the wow of the horror genre, but it still delivers.

Carol G (mx) wrote: A very satisfying movie, funny and touching too!

Zarinah H (gb) wrote: "The Uninvited" is a compelling Korean psychological thriller with a dash of horror in it. The movie is quite slow in pacing, but patient viewers will be rewarded with a compelling second half. The story centers around a despondent man Jung-Won, an interior decorator who is anxious about his impending marriage. He falls asleep on the subway train one evening and wakes up just in time to get off the train, but not before he sees two young girls asleep on the seat next to him. The next day, he hears news on the radio that two young girls were poisoned on the subway and finds himself being haunted by them - he returns home and finds the two dead girls sitting at his new dining table. He begins to question his sanity, but then he meets a depressed housewife Yun [Jeon Ji-Hyun from "My Sassy Girl"] who is troubled by a traumatic incident in her past. When he takes Yun back to his place, he realises that Yun is also able to see the two specters, as she tells him to put his two kids to bed!Jung-Won tries to get Yun to help him solve the mystery of the haunting and eventually with her help, he discovers some troubling aspects in his own past. Meanwhile, his life is a mess and he suffers a series of personal setbacks. Yun too experiences a lot of heartache, and when Jung-Won meets Yun's husband, Moon-Sub, he discovers some horrific facts that center around Yun. The final scene makes a very disturbing image in one's mind.The second half of the movie is better paced than the first half. The acting is credible all-around, though Jeon Ji-Hyun's performance as Yun here is not as commendable as her performance in "My Sassy Girl" [rather flat really]. The creepy aspects of the movie are rather subdued [compared to the graphic horror of movies like "Audition"] and in fact, "The Uninvited" is high on psychological horror and atmosphere, and has more to do with the mind and how tortured individuals cope with their personal tragedies."The Uninvited" may appeal to fans of psychological horror movies.

Lucas B (fr) wrote: For sure this is my fave teen cult classic film. It has such amazing characters, highlight for Sarah Michelle Gellar's evil bitch Kathryn, and still today it is very quotable.

Little D (mx) wrote: This film stands out in the way that it non-exploitatively portrays necrophilia (and in particular, a female necrophile). That's not to say, though, that it condones or makes light of the desecration of corpses. It's just that a taboo subject such as necrophilia is more impactful when it is presented realistically, as opposed to being presented as a gory and violent horror film (which is probably what most other necrophilia-focused films are like).

Jeff K (jp) wrote: Good beginnings, but, etc. etc.

Mary B (ru) wrote: Long and slow but interesting

Kong L (ca) wrote: "CUNNING | GUT-WRENCHING | RUTHLESS | SUSPENSEFUL | TENSE" (90-out-of-100)