Lady for a Day

Lady for a Day

Apple Annie is a never-wed rough around the edges poor elderly woman who has always written to her daughter Louise in Spain that she is married and a member of New York's high society. Upon receiving unexpected word from Louise (who hasn't seen Annie since infancy, having been raised in a Spanish convent) that she is en route to America with her new fiancé and his father, a count, so the three of them can meet her, Annie panics, despairing that her beloved daughter will be destroyed when not only the aristocrat refuses his blessing for the young couple to marry, but Louise learns that everything Annie has told her is a lie.

A gangster tries to make Apple Annie, the Times Square apple seller, a lady for a day. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Martin D (ru) wrote: Sent to Paris to visit their grandfather, the girls fall in love with France -- and with two French boys.

Scott V (ca) wrote: Even more rediculous!

Jason K (br) wrote: Saw this movie on IFC. I did not care about the characters even a little.

Daniel M (ag) wrote: When I first watched this many years ago I remember how shocked I was to see Creed die in the ring. That made the story incredibly powerful and entertaining. Drago was good, but it was a bit cheesy that they made him an enhanced fighter. 4/5

Mike S (ag) wrote: This is an excellent movie. It's a romance between an American Air Force pilot (Marlon Brando) and a Japanese showgirl (Miiko Taka) in the early 1950s. This is a character-driven movie, with strong performances all around. Taka is particularly powerful. This story takes place at a time when Pearl Harbor and Hiroshima must still have been potent reminders of agression and distrust. The racism protrayed in the film is very overt and very disturbing. For the most part, the characters are all people of good will, but they are bound by societal conventions in both cultures that forbid the kind of romances that were apparently common between American servicemen and Japanese women. What I found most moving were the scenes where Brando's and Taka's characters begin to realize that life is not about, or not merely about, one's occupation or doing what is expected of you. The only false note in the film was Ricardo Montalban playing a Japanese character. Neither his makeup nor his accent were convincing.

Kayleigh P (it) wrote: A film that generally poses itself as a satire on the British industry, I did not dislike this, nor overly find it amusing either, but not bad for a one-time viewing.

Leon B (br) wrote: Review:I quite enjoyed this cleverly written Rom-Com, because it had different elements that kept it interesting throughout. It is a bit predictable but the acting was realistic and the adult humour was quite amusing in parts. Its about a highly respected professor, Richard Haig (Pierce Brosnan), who teaches 18th century romantic poetry in a way that the students of today can appreciate. His father Gordon (Macolm McDowell) was also a professor at highly respected Trinity College in Cambridge, so he seeks the same accomplishments that his father achieved before he retired. He's also picked up his father's womanising ways, by falling for one of his students, Kate (Jessica Alba), who shocks him with the news that she is pregnant. She decides to move back to Malibu so she can raise there child, Jake (Duncan Joiner) and her sister Olivia (Salma Hayek) decides to move to New York to pursue her career in writing romantic books. As Richard wants to be close to his son, he also moves to Malibu and he takes a job in a school, teaching students who don't really care for his specialised subject. He then finds out that his wife is having an affair with a younger man, who she has fallen in love with, so he moves into the annex of the house to be close to his son and to keep his green card. After a while, Olivia also moves into the house because she has caught her boyfriend with another woman and while Kate and her new boyfriend Brian (Ben McKenzie) are away, she grows closer to Richard and after a passionate night together, they soon realise that there feelings for each other are more than what was expected. After having to leave America because his green card had run out, Richard spends time with his dying father, whose last wish is for his son to get back with Olivia. This film definitely has its emotional moments, with a witty script which was well put together by the director. Macolm McDowell's foul mouth character, made me laugh and the relationship between Brosnan and his son was touching. After watching Pierce Brosnan kick butt in the earlier Bond movies, I'm still struggling to take his comedic roles that seriously but you can't fault his performances which are always top class. Some of the situations that he gets himself in, were a bit silly but the overall concept of the film was watchable and enjoyable in parts. Watchable!Round-Up:Pierce Brosnan, 62 and still looking dashing, hasn't reached the heights that he reached when he was playing Bond but he is still highly respected in Hollywood, even though his movies haven't made that much money of late. Films like the Love Punch with Emma Thompson, Love is All We Need, Survivor and A Long Way Down, haven't really blown up at the box office and some of them went straight to DVD but thats not to say that they were bad movies. I personally would like to see him play another "Bond" type role because of his cool persona, which really worked in the 007 franchise. Anyway, this movie was directed by Tom Vaughan, 46, who also brought you What Happens in Vegas with Ashton Kutcher and Extraordinary Measures with Harrison Ford but most of his experience has been TV. He was lucky to get Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba together for this project but they both have been out of the spotlight of late. Hayek hasn't had a major role in a movie since the terrible Grown Ups 2 in 2013 and I wasn't that impressed with Everly. She still looks great at 49 and she usually puts in great performances, along with Alba, 34, who recently starred in the Entourage movie. Anyway, this movie is a decent watch with some good performances but if your not into your Rom-Com's, then this movie isn't for you.I recommend this movie to people who are into their comedy/romance movies starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek, Jessica Alba and Malcolm McDowell. 5/10

Anna C (nl) wrote: Very tense thriller set in the very green english country, a small stone village, a lot of cows... a woman living alone in her farm with two daughters, with a secret past, all you need to create something good.

Robert M (ru) wrote: While a bit slow at times, it makes up for it's powerful visual storytelling and compelling ending. With a lot of detail and enough suspense, it's a sheer nonfictional drama with at least three well known actors and a fairly dark theme. While most of the details didn't capture much of my attention, it still felt quite realistic and the locations of filming were spot-on.

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