Lady Frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein

Dr. Frankensteins' daughter, who is in love with the aging lab assistant Marshall, continues with her fathers experiments and attempts to transplant Marshall's brain into a new body to prolong his life.

When Dr. Frankenstein is killed by a monster he created, his daughter and his lab assistant Marshall continue his experiments. The two fall in love and attempt to transplant Marshall's ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John O (br) wrote: Some fantastically funny lines mixed with genuine sympathy for David Brent. Superb stuff.

Arianeta L (ca) wrote: Stramge but beautiful.....

myrada h (es) wrote: Did Republicans paid for this? A documentary about how Democrats are wrong and Republicans are the smart ones... It focuses on the mistakes of Democrats and does not say anything about Republicans... Even when they mention Kennedy they are saying that he was not acting as a Democratic.. Oh and Reagan is a hero :| What the f***?

Sandra R (mx) wrote: AWESOME movie! loved it!

Laterus L (kr) wrote: Not a good watch, time waster.. Lots of dull moments.

Danica A (nl) wrote: First of all, this is a crappy horror movie that was obviously made in a week and a half. That being said, it was kind of enjoyable to watch in the fact that it was so bad it was funny. The main character, a whiny, annoying, fat kid, brought no amount of likeableness to the movie. But all the other characters were pretty annoying as well, so once they started dying it was nice. A couple of the deaths were pretty gory, but were almost exactly the same as the original Sleepaway Camp, so VERY predictable. Watch only if you enjoy watching horribly made horror movies, which I do.

Lindsay W (ag) wrote: Though I suppose the film couldn't rightly have made everyone happy without taking some huge fantastical leaps, it's all rather unsatisfying and depressing. Just not my cup of tea, I guess.

Peter W (kr) wrote: Highlights of one of the greatest drag festivals with the always delightful RuPaul.

Jaime G (ag) wrote: Supongo que Scott no se habr sentido muy comodo al hacer este filme. Es d (C)bil y carente de nervio.

Chris M (es) wrote: A must see for anyone thinking about starting out into the horror genre. It's filled with tons of great clips and moments from some of the best horror films of all time. It demands a DVD release!

G L (es) wrote: Maybe the low reviews gave me low expectations so I found it better than expected. Some good twists and turns that keep you interested to find out who knows what and how it will come together.

Kenny N (br) wrote: An underrated and often overlooked thriller. Great performances by Anthony Perkins (although this, along with "Psycho," typecast him as psycho/sociopaths for the rest of his career) and sexpot Tuesday Weld as a seemingly sweet and innocent femme fatale. Highly recommended.