Lady Furious

Lady Furious

A female detective does everything she can to mop up the mess brought into Korea by Hong Kong drugs lords.

An action movie about female detective who does everything she can to mop up the drug mess that was brought into Korea by Hong Kong drugs lords, that accidentally ends up in the hands of two men and a killer. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Art S (es) wrote: Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami's latest film was shot in Japan in Japanese with Japanese actors - does the director even know Japanese? If not, this just adds another layer of mind-bendingness to his legendary experiments with perception and reality (Close-Up, Through the Olive Trees, Taste of Cherry, etc.). Not unlike his strategy with Certified Copy (his first film outside of Iran, with Juliet Binoche in French) in 2010, Kiarostami keeps viewers confused about the nature of the relationships between the key protagonists here. Rin Takanashi is Akiko, a part-time escort/prostitute, who is assigned to visit retired Professor Watanabe (Tadashi Okuno) by her boss, a former student of his. Viewers can't quite guess what will happen as the hyper-realistic plot unfolds (Kiarostami loves shots of people driving and talking or reacting). Perhaps the title is the key: each character shows us one way that people might act "like someone in love" (sung by Ella Fitzgerald on the soundtrack). Sexual love, jealous love, grandfatherly and grandmotherly love, marital love, friendship love, and other forms of affection all make an appearance. However, violence may also be ever at bay as the inverse of love. As always, Kiarostami refuses to spell things out - and thus love's sweet mystery is ours to Japanese.

Cheyne L (kr) wrote: as much as i wanted to like this film i just couldn't bring myself to invest, the character's are more often awkward and not, and while each scene by itself certainly holds it's own, the entire film just doesn't gel in a way that lends itself to a truly successful film .. the pacing is more often right than wrong, but one can tell this project was more of a personal endeavor, but when things go from dark comedy to darker comedy, i was surprised to say the least, because i was thinking this would be more of a satire, when it's actually more realistic than i would have liked, and not in a violent or sexual way, but just dealing with the darker sides of heroism in a way that became not too funny anymore .. worth a watch, but i warn you this is nothing like 'kick-ass' or similar 'regular-joe-dons-mask-and-cape-to-take-down-bad-guys' .. i could never really figure out whether he was more sane or insane and i was too distracted by Harrelson's wooden often one-note performance ..

Alba R (de) wrote: I loved this movie! And Kstew:)

Carol H (kr) wrote: It's all right, but I wouldn't call it a classic.

Matt F (fr) wrote: I adore this true story about English inmates that enter a garden contest.

FilmGrinder S (au) wrote: Keep on rockin' in the possessed world.

Edgar C (kr) wrote: Extreme Prejudice stars Nick Nolte as a badass Texas ranger, was directed by Walter Hill, contains R-rated violence, has a moody 80s soundtrack, features the beautiful Mara Conchita Alonso singing the Mexican classic Ay Jalisco, no te rajes! and closes the show with a Peckinpah-like climax, maybe because Hill was paying homage to his mentor. By definition, this is a bad film but I still recommend it openly to hardcore fans of the 80s genre, which is officially the best decade for campy and cult action filmmaking in Hollywood.56/100

Joe B (mx) wrote: i don't know what to make of this film. a good psycological thriller