Lady in a Cage

Lady in a Cage

A woman trapped in a home elevator is terrorized by a group of vicious hoodlums.

The lady is Mrs. Hilyard, a wealthy poetess who lives in a three-story city mansion and her cage is her elevator, which stops a dozen feet short of the main floor due to an electrical ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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John G (es) wrote: Cultural differences and family dynamics are put to the test. Funny at times, but inconsistent, with some jokes coming fast and furious like the scene at the art gallery where Julie Delpy's character, Marion, becomes unglued, and then there are others that die at the gate, Marion's father attempting to smuggle in food through customs at the airport.

Brian H (de) wrote: Had a lot of fun with this film. If you're a fan of explotation and grindhouse type films, then you will have a blast with The FP!

Hannibal O (ag) wrote: I feel a bit guilty not giving this film more stars considering how its one of the most important events in Assyrian history. However, I think Atom Egoyan, the director, royally screwed up what could have been an amazing film. In some respects, it makes sense to have Egoyan be the film's director given his Armenian heritage. However, in terms of artistic capability, he was simply the wrong choice to make this film. The scope of this project required someone who has helmed such projects. Its a very ambitious story and based on Egoyan's past films, I think he was overwhelmed by the material. I think the film should have simply focused on the historical aspect of the film. It should have been a straight up historical drama. Instead we get these other stories set in modern times that deal with an airport security guard's ignorance of Armenian history, the making of the historical drama that was being shot, and a woman's issues with her stepmother. None of those were important and they detracted so much from the historical portion. It was as if Egoyan would not admit he could not make a big historical epic and he made up for it by interspersing the film with small modern day stories. Anyway, as important as the historical facts underlying this film are, skip this and wait for someone to make a real story about the genocide. Oh and by the way, I was a bit annoyed that Assyrians were not mentioned anywhere in this film. There were thousands of Assyrians killed in the genocide and that should have been given at least a small acknowledgment.

Al M (es) wrote: Proxy is a bold movie because it is one of those rare films that makes a drastic turn only half way (or less) into the film--think of how Hitchcock shifts our expectations in Psycho. Unfortunately, things slow down after the turn. The beginning of the film is brutal, insane, and unpredictable, but the film's second half slows things down and becomes less interesting. Still, Proxy demonstrates genuine talent and is a twisted ride you won't forget.

David F (br) wrote: This light and slangy comedy about the mating rituals of young men in Los Angeles is pretty entertaining, especially the scene where the guy left a bunch of messages on the answering machine of a girl he just met.

Diego S (ag) wrote: Charming romantic comedy about a widow whose ghost husband has a hard time letting go.

Peter P (de) wrote: Incredibly bland by the numbers cop vs killer movie, with Matthew Fox doing his best to carry the entire film for everybody else, sadly even he couldn't do it. And I will tell you this, Tyler Perry is no Morgan Freeman, in fact, I don't think he could even tie Morgan Freemans shoes,(cinematicly speaking) what the heck were they thinking?

Chantal L (ru) wrote: Definitely a low budget independent movie from the 80's. It was filmed in Salt Lake City Utah. The gore is pretty entertaining, and there is plenty of it, the body count is pretty decent. The premise is a bit standard, 4 Campers go out for the weekend, tromping in the woods while a maniac is lurking in the woods, killing everyone he comes across. There is a twist, sort of, in the ending sequence which is a bit off but makes for an interesting ending. The dialogue is pretty bad, but is pretty funny at the same time. There are also some weird characters thrown in at random, like the wheel chair bound lone camper, trying to make his way in the trails to no avail. There are some bonus features on this release that are pretty decent too. Included are tv spots that were done when promoting the film that are slightly entertaining, if for only the dated clothes and show sets. Overall, I would recommend it to gorehounds and lovers of so-bad-they're-good movies.

Josh R (es) wrote: Look, I LOVE a good R-Rated, raunchy comedy. But I just couldn't see why everyone liked Hot Tub Time Machine so much because 63 on rt isn't bad for a comedy, but Hot Tub Time Machine barely made me laugh and the whole "sex comedy" schtick has been done before and is nothing new.Grade: D+

Chris F (it) wrote: Amazing, I've never seen anything like this. It's hard to describe the experience but I could compare it to constipation. The movie began with what might be perceived as flat characters but slowly unveils itself to be a gem ending with an earth shattering catharsis. Pun intended. Edith was my favorite character. You will not be disappointed. Great late night film, not reccommended for the whole family though.

Jordan R (kr) wrote: I was really surprised by this one. I love Tina fey but for whatever reason wasn't expecting to like this movie. It was really fantastic. Slow in a real life kinda way.