Lady Jane

Lady Jane

The death of King Henry VIII throws his kingdom into chaos because of succession disputes. His weak son Edward, is on his deathbed. Anxious to keep England true to the Reformation, a scheming minister John Dudley marries off his son, Guildford to Lady Jane Grey, whom he places on the throne after Edward dies. At first hostile to each other, Guildford and Jane fall in love. But they cannot withstand the course of power which will lead to their ultimate downfall.

The death of King Henry VIII throws his kingdom into chaos because of succession disputes. His weak son Edward, is on his deathbed. Anxious to keep England true to the Reformation, a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Robert B (ca) wrote: Not only do I not believe that the child painted most of the works shown, I suspect the documentary was at least partially staged. I mean, it has a story arc and a money shot with the mom crying, such a cliche' nowadays. The mom's cynical remark,"Documentary gold!" was very telling to me. This pretty much seemed like a marketing scheme perpetrated by a group of crass yuppie posers.

Steven C (au) wrote: The thing about Todd Solondz's "Storytelling" is that you can't simply just watch it as another, random film, because it's not just 'another random film.' You will have needed to have seen Solondz's previous work ("Welcome to the Dollhouse," "Happiness") and grasp the controversy and criticism surrounding him, for "Storytelling" is a meditation on Solondz's sensibilities. Solondz turns his script and lens back on the audience as well as himself. He is questioning both his admirers and his detractors. He is also questioning himself- why he is drawn to this material, why explore such darkness? "Storytelling" is a sort of subtlety brilliant piece of metafiction but it's not all entirely satisfying. These stories are just a tad bit trite, yet they still come with a considerable amount of good- namely the casting (Blair, Goodman, Giamatti, Webber) and Solondz's sharp dialogue and observations. I can't recommend this film to anyone other than fans of Todd Solondz's fascinating and unforgivably complex body of work.

Jonah H (ru) wrote: This was a childhood memory to me

Adrian Z (jp) wrote: A small drama that seems very true to life thanks to the vivid performances by it's two young leads, perceptive writing, and thoughtful direction. Liljeberg plays an unpopular high school loner living in the small Swedish town of Amal, who already aware of being a lesbian, falls head over heels with popular schoolgirl Dahlstrom. As a romantic bond forms tortuously between them, the film tackles effectively both it's coming-of-age and coming-out themes and ends up being a gentle, uplifting reminder or the temporality of teen angst.

Pete W (br) wrote: Good movie about how the Communist regime in the '80s subverted a Russian investigator's attempt to capture a serial killer.

Jake A (br) wrote: Since I am a huge car and engineering fan this was a very interesting and enlightening film about a man and his invention that I didn't know all that much about. It also has a great cast, is well acted, love the score, it looks great and it never drags.

Veeruska K (ca) wrote: original Ninotchka is still better :)

Antoinette C (kr) wrote: I LOVE this movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Alex F (br) wrote: Brilliant. No wonder he was so proud of this film.

Trevor F (gb) wrote: Visually was awesome. Was a tad predictable but good acting and solid casting in my book. Except for mila kunis as theodora, not a great wicked witch.

Daniel S (ag) wrote: While not as good as the previous installments, this more family-friendly sequel is still very funny.

Hannu M (ru) wrote: A bad Rambo knock-off with an unintimitating and a practically unknown lead who tries to look like an action star but ends up with loads of unthreatening hair-styles and facial expressions. The somewhat entertaining action-scenes come too late for anyone to have any interest in the movie's plot or characters. In better hands it could have been an okay action-flick, now it's just a cheap mess.

Greg R (mx) wrote: I'd say it's a kinda,sorta guilty pleasure.