Lady Killer

Lady Killer

An ex-gangster tries to resist his old cohorts' criminal activities after he accidentally becomes a movie star.

A former gangster makes it big in Hollywood, but his old life catches up with him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Lady Killer torrent reviews

Juha K (au) wrote: I think it was quite empty play. I expected more... Also Eero Milonoff acted incredible. Remu isn't like that.

Jonah W (nl) wrote: A well-made direct-to-video.

Michael G (kr) wrote: Curse of the Werewolf started off in an unconventionally amazing way as it started with some gruesome territory involving rape, gruesome murder and other elements you wouldn't expect from a movie from the early 60s. I liked how it told an almost life story of a werewolf giving the curse more spiritual origins than mystical ones. Terence Fisher's direction is superb and as cool as the werewolf looked, the fact that you don't see him until the last 10 minutes of the movie was pretty dumb. The fresh take was a nice change but the lack of monster kind of ruined it. Not a bad watch but its been done better.

Michael P (nl) wrote: Wasn't impressed. I usually love Hitchcock films.

Gary G (kr) wrote: The opening montage, with it's nod to the start of Russian fairy tales, is one of the most inspired uses of images and inter-titles in cinema.

Erica L (de) wrote: Sad movie. The poor girl reminds me of an old friend from school that lived a few house's down from me.