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Brandon S (es) wrote: Though it wasn't terribly funny it was still a fun watch with some great characters and thoughtful direction.

Chucky (de) wrote: January 2nd-3rd 2011June 14th 2015

Donna W (ag) wrote: Jolene is a sociologically interesting film. It covers many genres: homeless women, fostercare, domestic prostitution, identity, attachment disorder, sociopathy, as well as the journey of someone who grew up without love in progressively learning what love is, what it is not, what safety is, what it is not, the opportunity to derail and the choice to care not to, the opportunities even amidst what seems a desert of inopportunity. The performances are colorful, the characters captivating and diverse. The use of color and landscapes, urban and rural are really artistically done. The dialogue is well written, uncontrived. I'd recommend the film to anyone interested in Sociology, psychology, child development, social work, youth workers, teachers, carers and parents dealing with the thinking and values of vulnerable teenagers and young adults.

RuennShy N (ag) wrote: is disturbing... but is good to know!

Scott A (ru) wrote: The final kind of goes backwards from part 2 back to High School. Everyone but Jesse return for the kids. Bombay is a mere cameo.

Eva K (fr) wrote: This movie is amazing and so is the soundtrack. A great childhood movie that I still watch again and again.

Devon W (us) wrote: The story itself is kinda goofy, but the movie is even worse.

Liv H (de) wrote: This movie was so sweet and it stayed true to the book perfect. I loved the cast although the dad could have done better. I still think about what the story and film actually means. With the love story with two brothers, a couple, and friends and which is most important.

Daniel H (ru) wrote: Other movies in the genre have been such as Coffy and Friday Foster. Tamara Dobson tries to add a little class in addition to some kung-fu ass-kicking, and that's all right, but she's no Pam Grier.

nefnie l (ru) wrote: Inspired by the life of gangster Lucky Luciano, this film takes hold of you and doesn't let go. Davis not only grabs your attention, she commands it. Davis works as a clip-joint hostess, who along with some of the other hostesses, decides to bravely testify against the big boss Vanning. The ending is unbelievably perfect and powerful.

Marcus N (jp) wrote: While the description for this movie says so in its consensus, It's none the less a very controlled and solid performance by Al Pacino and the supporting cast. It's not very hard to notice how good these performances goes but very hard to sit through It's melodramatic narrative storytelling. If your a fan of the mobster persona that Pacino effortlessly portrays than I'm sure you'll find no trouble being glued to your seat watching this film.

Matt R (br) wrote: A whodunnit thriller with a truly original and unpredictable twist.

Kevin D (us) wrote: Imagine the reverse plot of The Blues Brothers (the band is deteriorating rather than reuniting) sprinkled with those romantic subplots you don't care about (think the triangle relationship between Leo, Matt Damon, and Vera Farmiga in The Departed) and remove the fun and engagement from the two movies I just mentioned and then you'll have Mo Better Blues. I've been wanting to see this Spike Lee joint for a while so it was a real disappointment to me. It was especially disappointing to me because it was the follow up to the movie that made him a legend (also one of the 5 best movies of the 1980's), Do the Right Thing. In Mo Better Blues, denzel Washington plays a jazz musician who is quickly rising in New York City. Over the course of the movie a few different conflicts arise: Denzel has two romantic relationships going on, Wesley Snipes starts getting involved with one of Denzel's girls, Spike Lee has a gambling problem, like Harvey Keitel in Bad Lieutenant, and John Turturro plays a Jewish character that some people thought was too stereotypical. none of those plot points were very original and as a result, the movie never fully grabbed my attention. The screenplay and dialogue were a letdown to, especially coming from the great Spike Lee. The scene before the ultimate final sequence of the film reminded me of the part in Once Upon a Time in America where Robert De Niro and James Woods were in the room together (at the end) for some reason. I don't know why. Anyways, the ending of this movie left me feeling good, but it felt too rushed and out of place. The filmmaking here was good and it looked like a Spike Lee movie. The music was also pleasant, especially the title song. The only thing was that this movie was not told like a Spike Lee movie from a narrative aspect and it did not sound like a Spike Lee movie from a dialogue aspect. The movie was alright, but with the talent on display here and the fact that Spike Lee was at the top of his game when this movie was released makes me think that a much better movie could have been made here.