Lady on a Train

Lady on a Train

While waiting at a train station, Nikki Collins witnesses a murder from a nearby building. When she brings the police to the scene of the crime, they think she's crazy since there's no body. She then enlists a popular mystery writer to help with her sleuthing

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:94 minutes
  • Release:1945
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:snow,   murder,   police,  

While waiting at a train station, Nikki Collins witnesses a murder from a nearby building. When she brings the police to the scene of the crime, they think she's crazy since there's no body... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristina K (fr) wrote: Real, funny, interesting to watch!

Vipin K (us) wrote: it's supposed 2 be a comedy ????????// huh !

YK G (jp) wrote: What I thought is a sex comedy turn out to be an interesting character study.

Paul D (es) wrote: A fine vehicle for Tilda Swinton, not really for the actual storyline of adultery, which is by no means original, but for the emotional and psychological portrayal that surrounds it, often without much dialogue attached.

Rick H (it) wrote: Pas le film de l'anne.....un navet peut tre? Heureusement la jolie Kristanna Loken.


Suchi V (it) wrote: DIPLE LOOKS GORGEOUS AND LOVE HER SAREES. Fairly decent movie with good preformances.

Dustin P (gb) wrote: I didn't think this was very funny back when it came out in 2002. After watching it over a decade later, my opinion hasn't changed. I think this movie has a few somewhat funny scenes, but as a whole isn't very good. I usually like crude and immature films, but this one just doesn't do much for me. If you like it, great. I personally don't understand why so many people love this movie.

Tom R (au) wrote: (3 1/2 Stars) I think the worst thing I can say about Heart Like a Wheel is that it's pretty much a big budget Lifetime movie... but at least it's a good Lifetime movie. Bonnie Bedelia, who everyone knows as John McClaine's wife Holly from Die Hard, shines in this biopic about Shirley Muldowney... I know nothing about the real woman, but she seems like she lead an inspirational life. For a biopic, this movie feels a little overabridged and melodramatic. She's a woman in a man's drag racing world and no one will let her compete. She has to overcome obstacles by men... who are pigs. Of course, she smokes most of them in the race, but men still verbally (and physically) fight her; it's the kind of cheesy melodrama that's kind of entertaining to watch. For the most part, I liked Heart Like a Wheel. It had a good retro soundtrack, good racing scenes, and a great lead performance. It's not a must see, but it's diverting.

Michael T (es) wrote: Blame the recent (1980) death of the great Alfred Hitchcock or blame the success of "Hitchcokian" Thrillers like Road Games and Dressed To Kill, the early-mid 1980s saw a number of these films end up in the theaters and later on home video. They don't make thrillers like this anymore, with a slow buildup of suspense and a skillfully laid-out plot that challenges the viewer's imagination. That is a pity. The film has tons of Hitchcock elements, a dream sequence to be analyzed by psychiatrists, a "ice-cold" Hitchcock blonde (played by Meryl Streep), a distrust of the police, and references to Hitch's films ranging from Spellbound to The Birds (I suspect that Jessica Tandy was cast as Roy Scheider's mother because she had been in The Birds). Its also a nice, short film at 1 hour and 31 minutes. I picked the Blu-Ray as john Kenneth Muir had reviewed it favorably in his Horror Films Of The 1980s two-volume set, due to the skillful Thriller elements worthy of Hitchcock and due to the truly nightmarish dream sequence.

Anwar V (fr) wrote: Palomera y divertida.

Ryan W (jp) wrote: Thor The Dark World is just awful The plot is a sloppily written mess, The action sequences were extremely uninventive and generic, The acting from everyone besides Chris Hemsworth And Tom Hiddleston was quite wooden, The films comedic relief (Kat Denning's) is fucking hair ripping inducing the annoyance level was well over my own personal limit with that aspect and overall just felt like it was setting up future marvel films.....

Luke L (de) wrote: all this film really is. is Romeo and Juliet witch came out a year earlier, but just added Titanic

Paul D (ca) wrote: Nice mystery-horror, which is about 20 minutes too long for its own good, but the various confessions from characters throughout offer up some good humour.

Vincent H (au) wrote: I loved it! A rousing story about a soon-to-retire John Wayne who has more heart and acting chops than he usually gets to express. And the Technicolor really brings the picture to life.