Lady Robinhood

Lady Robinhood


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1925
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:melodrama,  

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Lady Robinhood torrent reviews

Amy L (nl) wrote: Beautifully written and directed. Also funny at times. Great movie.

Kathy D (es) wrote: Even for a b rate movie this was pretty bad.

Sara B (jp) wrote: Very similar story line to "Death Trap." Norman Reedus is a looker and now that I know he is in another movie I have, Gossip, I shall be watching that one again very soon.

Zetune S (ag) wrote: Slighty funny and original, but not enough to make you have any interest in the following events. Outdated special effects which are almost laughable, and horrible plotholes make 'Tremors' painful to watch.

Trevor W (ru) wrote: *English Dub*Stunning in every sense.

Rami K (gb) wrote: I watched it once 49 years ago and have never doubted since that what I watched was an outstanding movie production destined to become a classic.

Eduardo L (de) wrote: The best of the Warner Bros gangster classics.

Alexa H (jp) wrote: Aww poor Harlow didn't get to finish her last movie :C

Joey B (kr) wrote: With a little bit more exposition into the lives of Elliot and his family, this movie could have been pretty good. Pretty entertaining and messed up, up until the end anyway. Sorta fell off during the climax. Still not a bad use of an hour and a half. 6.5/10

Nathan W (ag) wrote: To say that this movie is merely about an unhappy couple and the oh so cliched pending infidelity is a bit reductive. This movie is about more than the fact that the leading women feels trapped by an unhappy marriage .. it depicts her in her quest to rediscover that spark, that joy of life she apparently lost while being lulled into a cocoon of middle age marital life. Her entire life revolves around her emotionally distant husband. And while it may not be ideal to cheat on your respective partner, the actual cheating is merely an byproduct of her path to rediscover that Joie de vivre, that spark that is so missing from her life. Consequently, she is fascinated when she encounters the young 19 yr old American backpacker (international hobo?!) that seems so full of youth and has an authentic awe of the world. He represents all what she's lacking in her own life. A life full of youthful exuberance and a genuine excitement for life's possibilities.- SPOILER In the end she chose not her husband. Nor the boy which she was supposedly enamored with, proving that she was merely using him as a springboard for her own self discovery. One interpretation is that this was a really selfish act however, one can view it as an utilitarian one. Instead of choosing to stay with her husband for the wrong reasons, causing them both to resent each other and become even more unhappy over time, she chose herself. To "honor her grandmother's legacy" by making her life something worth living. Perhaps she realized that the basis for her affection with the young guy was merely her fascination with the qualities he possessed and which she desired and not love. In the end she chose herself. This is very much a modern narrative. As each generation becomes increasingly individualistic (and dare I say narcissistic?) , the 'individual journey' and life path becomes even more essential. It's not just enough to settle down with a partner and play house - you need to keep your desire for life - your wanderer spirit - your inner child alive as well.

Matt S (jp) wrote: it's okay still not amazing story is so so action scenes are great though