Ladybirds' Christmas

Ladybirds' Christmas

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Maria A (es) wrote: If I could give it zero stars I would.

Kritti T (it) wrote: How very pretentious!2 stars only because I like Josh Radnor and New York City

Madiha H (it) wrote: a formula film. they just replaced boy and girl with two older ppl, and all the rest is the same. but there are no songs.

Matt A (de) wrote: A likeable romantic comedy, winning star performances, and many crazy supporting performances, including the incomparable Peter Boyle. Wonderful Elivs soundtrack (cool covers, including Blue Hawaii by Willie Nelson(!)). I wish the DVD had a "making of" featurette on the Flying Elvis finale.

Michael W (jp) wrote: Solid sequel with three times the mayhem of the original with three killer babies in what is becoming a growing epidemic. John Ryan reprises his role as a crusader for the killer babies.

Michael D (us) wrote: Well, it's not the best Scorsese but it's not a disaster and quite enjoyable

Chris P (ag) wrote: Much like Three on a Meathook and Chopping Mall, the title is the best part of the movie.

Shubes T (nl) wrote: my fav Fred Astaire movie.

Eduardo R (ag) wrote: This is what I call a clever movie with a beautiful twist.

Adam W (br) wrote: If somebody had ever told me "lets watch an action extravaganza film with explosions, guns and testosterone." I would say who's in it?Schwarzenegger?Stallone?No a little girl.Honestly it's a little girl playing the hero!Shocking..

Kyle W (nl) wrote: One star is for weirdness, movie was terrible plain and simple.