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Andy G (jp) wrote: guillotines is a Chinese movie about wsrriors fighting each other in a war. to me its ok but the blades are cool. C

Odeath S (nl) wrote: This movie starts with no credits, no name rolls, we see the camera zooming into a trailer home and we move into the bedroom to find a couple, a girl actor who I have no idea who it is and HOLY SHIT !!! is that Tom Sizemore ??? this movie probably happened during his Detoxification for him being in this movie I am hoping for the best. So Tom Sizemore starts arguing with this girl who it has been revealed is in the body usage for profit trade ( a hooker ) and after more heated argument Tom Sizemore proceeds to do something I am sure he has done before in his life....he strangles the now we know that Tom Sizemore is a bad bad BBBBBAADDDD man.He then proceeds to take these twin babies who we assume were the kids from the recently defunct prostitute and takes them to his trailer home and gives them to this lady who we think its his girlfriend ?? sister ?? can't really tell.....and she of course is elated to have babies and proceeds to ask the logical question....where did you get them....Tom Sizemore just tells her to not ask him how he does things.......and nothing else gets mentioned about the matter.We now fast forward a few years....1996....and the girls are a bit older....they seem fine to me....they peek outside their trailer home to see Tom Sizemore standing over a metal looks to me he killed his girlfriend??? sister??? still can't really tell........a neighboor shows up and talks to Tom Sizemore about having him take the girls to a pool party and Tom says that those kids are not his and that he wants nothing to do with we are stablishing him being an abusive man to these girls......but then we see Tom Sizemore give these girls a sandwich....does the scary face and tells them to never leave, and right around hereis when this movie completely derrailed for me.The girls are playing when they accidentally knock a gas lamp and they set the trailer home on fire - Tom Sizemore dies in the fire and we are to assume the girls got killed too as they both scream and the screen fades to black which you know is the universal sign that we are to assume something bad happened.The movie now tells me we are in present day......and the movie switches to this girl who is escaping the wrath of her abusive boyfriend and she moves to the rural area where the trailer home of Tom Sizemore used to be....we see her hearing sounds of little girls whispering things to her.....and then the movie becomes your usual borefest of random people walking around the area where the girls and Tom Sizemore died and they get chased by something and they it a ghost ??? is it the ghost of a vengeaful Tom Sizemore !!! ??? !!!Let me cut to the dont see Tom Sizemore ever againThe girls didn't die.....they grew up and became the killers ???The abusive girlfriend joins one of the sisters after one gets shotThe sister that gets shot survives and a woman who claims to be the sister of their mother shows up and tries to bond with the sister who got shot who is now behind bars when a photographer shows up and starts taking pictures and then proceeds to chomp the skin off this woman....and then the movie ends.......Ummm - at least the movie looks really good since it was shot using a Digital camera...which is awesome for a film that takes place in the woods but its really bad when you see a digital effect because it REALLY looks obvious.Awesome to watch if you are 6 tequila shots in.

Orlok W (fr) wrote: Solid gold chase movie - where you cheer for a Nazi pilot--Giving the enemy his due!!

Raji K (gb) wrote: Tomisaburo Wakayama stars as the Lone Wolf in Shogun Assassin. The Lone Wolf is a lone samurai who travels the countryside with his son killing everyone who tries to get in the way of him or son. The Lone Wolf started off as Shogun decapitator. When his wife is killed in an attempt to kill him, he decides to go on a rampage killing everyone to get his revenge. He is tremendously skilled and demonstrates this time and time again. The son narrates the film and speaks of his father's multiple victories, which total over 300. The son is less than 5 years old, so he has no ability to defend himself. As the Lone Wolf reputation goes, he is considered to be a demon by many. Samurai, a band of ninja women and several others do not even come close to slaying him. The only that seem to have a chance are three brothers known as the masters of death. Each one of them fights with a different ability, and the showdown between them and the Lone Wolf seems inevitable. The Lone Wolf is so accepting of his fate, that he does not even let the threating of his son's life sway him. The fights between the Lone Wolf and his victims are all short and to the point, and are hardly drawn out to any degree. Although this highly demonstrates the Lone Wolf's skills, a few of the fights could have used a bit more of a dramatic effect, particularly with the final showdown. Shogun Assassin is not a great movie, but it is a cult classic. The Lone Wolf's dark and faceless demeanor throughout the film was fun to watch. The violence is over the top as blood is sprayed everywhere upon his cuts with the sword. The film really does not stray far from him simply killing people that attack him as he travels across the country. One of the best scenes is when he spares the supreme ninja's (Kayo Matsuo) life and the 3 huddle together naked to stay warm. This demonstrates that he is not a ruthless savage, but merely trying to survive his circumstances. The film influenced Tarantino to make the movies Kill Bill 1 and 2. The fact the film was narrated by the son, was quite unique, and really keep the film going. The music of the film is quite stylish and ahead of its time. The movie is certainly for samurai film enthusiasts and nobody else. - 10.23.2016

Augustine H (mx) wrote: 'Is it safe?''Yes, it's safe, it's very safe, it's so safe you wouldn't believe it'.'Is it safe?'How great Olivier he is!

Zdravko P (mx) wrote: No poster? so rude. I almost cried at the end. "Richie! You're my brother...I love you! Ahh so geat. So this kid Richie, a lousy good for nothing hood, wants to kill a man who slapped em. But does he have what it'll just have to find out. Don't mind the corny voice over.

Drew R (ag) wrote: I agree with the other reviewers who suggest this film is Hitchcock-inspired. Some even say Vertigo was inspired by this. The middle is the best part. Less Marilyn than I expected considering she is top billed. This suspenseful classic benefits from its gorgeous on-location shooting at Niagara Falls.

Eddie K (gb) wrote: Historical drama or comedy doesn't suit this film. It's best viewed as a historical vignette. The aesthetic and acting is good, but the pace is slow and socially anachronistic at times. The nature of FDR and Eleanor's relationship(s) contrasted a little harshly with the story of the Hyde Park picnic, but Murray and Linney played their parts well. Olivia Coleman was also good in her supporting role.

AK W (mx) wrote: This movie was very fun. Another masterpiece from director Edgar Wright. I loved this movie lol. It is fun, original, and, most important of all - funny.