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Lahore torrent reviews

Caitlyn H (br) wrote: Pretty good movie for little kids. Its funny and has pirates. Who doesn't love pirates?

Joanna B (ca) wrote: Have you ever wondered what you would do with infinite abilities? If you could unleash brains full potential, bypass human imperfection and acquire a four digit IQ with no repercussions, how would you change your life?Struggling novelist Eddie Morra (Bradley Cooper) has a sad case of writers block, shocking personal hygiene, and a girlfriend, Lindy (Aussie actress Abbie Cornish) who just can't bare to be around him any longer. Drinking his sorrows away at 2pm in the afternoon, Eddie bumps into his ex-brother-in-law and drug pedaling sleazebag Vernon (Johnny Whitworth). After spilling his guts about his woes, Vernon slips Eddie a taster of an unreleased but FDA approved smart drug NZT which he claims will solve all Eddie's problems.Skeptical at first, Eddie's temptation wins and he pops the clear mothers-little-helper pill. Within 30 seconds his senses become laser sharp, everything he has ever seen, heard or read is instantly organized in his brain and readily able to be intuitively accessed by his subconscious as required to accomplish a task.Focused and confident, Eddie writes over 90 pages of his novel, cleans his entire filthy apartment and produces his overbearing landlord's school thesis in one night.Ascertaining a large stash of NZT in a rather unsavory way, Eddie maintains his chemically induced overdrive becoming a multilingual, piano playing, day-trading prodigy attracting the attention of broker mega-merging mogul Carl Van Loon (Robert De Niro).With the photographic memory of an analytical supercomputer, Eddie quickly becomes Van Loon's right hand man. Living the high life, parting and making millions, Eddie pops his daily designer drug without conscience or consequence, until he meets three equally challenging complications.One, surviving the unrevealed highly toxic side effects of always working at 100%, Two the accessibility of replenishing his dwindling supply and three fighting off the entanglement of a mob loan shark and several other disreputable types who know his secret. With Eddie's meteoric ascent in jeopardy, life becomes real once again. Applying whatever is left of his mental enhancement; Eddie must court his considerable risks and find a way to get free of it all.A sci-fi essay of wish fulfillment, Limitless' fascinating premise about the destructive nature of addiction, mesmerizing special effects and the inherent charm and sexy swagger that is Bradley Cooper marries into an entertaining if not forgetful thriller. Based on Alan Glynnis novel The Dark Fields, Director Neil Burger along with screenwriter Leslie Dixon have streamlined, simplified and hollywoodized this project to within an inch of its brilliance. Lacking the heart, soul and morals of its origins, the seductive assortment of trippy camera editing hide the ridiculousness of the films imperfections. Although filled with unrealized ideas that fail to resonate; some wicked one liners are delivered sardonically with the use of the intermittent self voice-over narration tool. One particularly cleaver scene where typewriter words fall from the sky as Eddies supercharged brain ticks over is wonderfully executed. The Verdict: As Eddies brain begins to work so fast it gets away from him resulting in multiple Eddies, the story gets away from the viewer resulting in a lack of empathy for the situations. Sadly Cooper's sex appeal can't hide its one night stand staying power...Published: The Queanbeyan AgeDate of Publication: 25/03/2011

Dirk v (ru) wrote: One of the best films ever, and a reboot of the political thriller genre of the 1970s!!!

Elian D (ru) wrote: This is a movie to see, if only to discover that Bruce Willis can act as an unlikeable guy. I also found it entertaining enough.

Shantel D (fr) wrote: I love the book, and this did not disappoint! I can't believe it took me so long to see it, but I'm glad the only version I've seen is the one Clive wanted us to see.

Andr D (jp) wrote: Una maravillosa premisa: H.G. Wells si invento la maquina del tiempo, pero fue robada por Jack el Destripador para escapar de la policia y viajar al futuro (1979). Por esta razon, Wells va detras de el. Entretenida de principio a fin, con buenas actuaciones por parte de Malcolm McDowell (Wells), David Warner (Jack) y Mary Steenburgen como una despistada cajera de un banco.

Samantha S (ru) wrote: ah, Carry on! Working my way through but haven't gotten to this yet. Can't wait.

Michael B (mx) wrote: A sort of British attempt at Godzilla. Charlton Comics would do a long series of comics on this movie, much done by Steve Ditko.

Alan W (us) wrote: Borrowing from Time Out: this is 'coming-of-age meets let's-put-on-a-show' (a spot-on description that I had to nick!) and it is not without its charm, well executed and nicely shot thru sun-drenched nostalgic lens - but it suffers from too-much-characters and too-many-stories-itis and more importantly, these stories seem too familiar and the outcomes unsurprising. Seeing as it comes from the producers of Billy Elliot, may I suggest using this as the book for a west-end musical based on 70s pop - that might have worked better. And I can't help but think there is also another film about the people in the staff room that would have been far more interesting that is sadly unexplored here. Otherwise, it is a nicely put together film that wouldn't feel out of place on BBC4.

David O (es) wrote: Suffragette is a strong film with a tried and tested method of using it's inspiring portrayal of underdogs and their bravery, with the familiar British charm seen in films like Imitation Game and the Kings Speech. Unfortunately Suffragette doesn't have a main focus like those other films with several messages being made, making for a pick and mix of women's issues. While the performances are great, unfortunately Meryl Streep has a very underused role, while Carey Mulligan and Bonham Carter don't seem to serve the story in the same way some of the other historical characters do, who would have perhaps been better choices to be the focus of this film.