Laid in America

Laid in America

Two foreign exchange high-school students are kidnapped during their quest to get laid on their last night in America.

Duncan and Jack are exchange students and they only have one night in the United States to make their dream comes true is to lose virginity with beautiful girls. They want to make plan so take part in uninvited party. Unfortunately, they encounter a gangster who threaten them can not come back home. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Heather M (de) wrote: This movie is a hilarious parody of epicness. It's a must see for anyone into fantasy and comedy.

Scott M (kr) wrote: was awrite, feel couldve done lot more and definetly not as scary as made out to be. watched though one of those not bothered bout watching again.

Todd L (ca) wrote: Outstanding movie. 4 stars. Great retelling of Tillman's service, death, and the cover up. But the real message is the way the Tillman family conducts themselves--absolute integrity and refusal to compromise. You may disagree with their politics but you cannot help but admire their dedication to the truth.

The D (de) wrote: Set on the Wirral a young man wants to 'get in' with the pack finding his way through one of them. They are football hooligans & he wants to be part of it breaking free from every day Thatcherist life. The films big problem is that they just aren't convincing as hooligans more like new romantics. This ruins it from the start as its not believable. Its saving grace is the soundtrack. There are plenty of other films on this subject to see before this one.

Lee M (mx) wrote: A interesting juxtaposition of Mamet-style intellect with martial art-style action that doesn't quite always dovetail seamlessly.

Sandeep H (nl) wrote: A frame-to-frame remake of the Tamil movie (even though Tamil movie is inspired from Memento) Even though I've watch them all, I still felt this movie worth entertaining, and I guess its all because of Aamir. The change in climax was a good improvisation from the Director's side.

Guillaume L (ag) wrote: Un film noir gorge de soleil tres divertissant, tres "cool" car nous resservant tous les codes du genre (ambiance 50s, femmes fatales, twists,...). Sans veritablement les transcender toutefois. Il tient de ce fait plus du telefilm de luxe que de l'oeuvre d'un cineaste palme... A Cannes. Les pieds de Volker Schlndorff vont bien, merci, sinon il ne pourrait pas montrer des photos de lui au marathon de Berlin sur l'antenne de France 2 !

Yury D (ag) wrote: A pretty sad day in film making.

Joel N (ru) wrote: This movie doesn't really take off in terms of action; compare Robocop's raid on the cocaine factory to Paul Kersey's. Death Wish 4: The Crackdown is watchable, but forgettable; I was expecting more action, but it's too restrained. Charles Bronson is an amiable vigilante though.

John A (fr) wrote: Often hailed as Hitchcock's last great film, Frenzy follows common ground as far as Hitchcock thrillers go, but this time with a morbid twist. The "Necktie Murderer" has the London police on red alert & an innocent man is on a desperate quest to find the real criminal & clear his own name. For its time it was clichd with the new style twist, the film features a great plot, story, pacing & atmosphere. It's Hitchcock back to his best one final time, with a styled thriller that the director knows best. This is worth a watch, especially with the the way the classic thriller incorporates violent sexual murders successfully, which was a new idea for its time.

W W (it) wrote: Very creepy and atmospheric with the right amount of suspense.

John S (mx) wrote: I'm surprised by the low rating on this movie. Sure when compared to his other films it's not the greatest thing Meyers has done, but seriously this is a really funny movie, ESPECIALLY when you consider how little effort must have gone into this and it sill came out this funny. It's barely over an hour long so you won't really be bored with it, and even a film as old and simple as this is still a hundred times more worth while than America Pie, Eurotrip, etc. I liked it, but wouldn't recommend this to anyone. It's just a fun little movie for a person who likes these kind of movies. The less people know, the happier it makes me, and the funnier it remains.

Steve W (gb) wrote: Superman/Batman: Supergirl is one of my favourite graphic novels. It's artwork is much better than Public Enemies and the story is more grand with the Darkseid angle and the coming age story of Supergirl.In this version, they try and keep most of the good stuff. The Doomsday army is there, and lots of other plot elements are kept. They do cut out lots of good things too, such as the Kryptonite ring, as well as Superman and Darkseid fighting in front of the sun.The change up at the end is forgiven with one of the best animated fight scenes I've ever seen. Superman is sent into space with a terrible blast, and Kara must fight Darkseid one on one.The voice acting for these animated films is usually really good, but there seems to always be one voice that doesn't seem to go with the rest. In this case, its Andre Braugher. His Darkseid doesn't really have the menacing quality to it and he seems too soft spoken.As for the changes, one must accept them because turning an entire graphic novel into a 75 minute movie means you have to cut things out. It was a very entertaining DC animated film, with a good climax to end it all. I hope this maybe gets a live action version someday, as that would be epic.

Jack W (ru) wrote: A slow but engrossing crime drama with a suspenseful final act. Tom Hardy is great as always, despite yet another hard to understand at times voice.

Patrick M (gb) wrote: Could have been tremors meets jaws BUT: it's stupid. There are so many missed chances, wasted time, bad ideas that get all these teens killed. It gets worse by the end. It makes you weep for the world if they think millennialS are this stupid and can't save themselves.