Laissons Lucie faire!

Laissons Lucie faire!


Lucie makes her living selling bathing costumes on the beach at Marseilles. Her boyfriend Lucien wants to become a policeman, but is rejected and, instead, is recruited as a secret agent. The couple’s ten-year long relationship looks as if it might be over when Lucie starts to fantasize about another man and Lucien embarks on an impromptu affair with an American woman. Then Lucie discovers a book about the psychology of love and decides to put what she reads into practice... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Amir M (es) wrote: A must-see indie drama for all serious movie-goers.

Roberto L (ag) wrote: Check it out on DVD in October, 2009! The worlds first 'basher' film and yes, I'm in it!

Brian B (us) wrote: Simply amazing! Masterful script. Brilliant acting done by Will Smith. Five stars hands down!

Danny R (nl) wrote: A intelligent and graceful adult drama with two powerhouse performances by Peter Finch and Glenda Jackson. About the absence of love, that involves a bisexual triangle between a gay Jewish doctor and a loney middleaged woman who are both having a affair and are in love with the same shallow young boyish sculptor, played by Murray Head in good performance, his youth and good looks attract both Finch and Jackson. Brilliantly directed by John Schlesinger with a superb script by Penelope Gilliatt. I cannot praise the performances of Finch and Jackson enough, Peter Finch delivers a magnificent Oscar nominated performance as man drowning in respectability, who cannot come out of the closet because of his Jewish congregation who would never understand, and Glenda Jackson is amazing and shows deep inner turmoil, as she is experiencing the stress of sharing her lover with another man. They both fear and know that this twisted triangle is about to collapse, for the young sculptor wants to leave to New York City. Made in 1971 this remarkable film was years ahead of it's time in dealing with the subject of sexuality and adult relationships. Highly Recommended.

Matthew C (br) wrote: Yul Brynner is like the devil come to town to bend it to his will. But is he a villain? Or a hero? Both, or neither? And does the town deserve the hell he brings with him? A strangely cerebral western with some fine performances from a lot of character actors. And dang, Brynner is one mysterious dude.

Dustin D (gb) wrote: Aparajito is visually striking and thematically a little more interesting than its predecessor, Pather Panchali, but it isn't quite as satisfying.