A typical Indian melodrama about misunderstanding and consequent suffering, Lajwanti looks at the misfortunes of a married woman and her daughter. The woman decides to have a friend of the family, an artist, paint her portrait as a gift to her husband. But her husband, in a rush to judgment, deduces that she is having an affair with the man and throws her and their daughter out of the house. As the years go by, the woman and daughter manage to survive and then the husband finally realizes what he has done. His attempts to win back his wife are all the more difficult because his daughter has very much turned against him. As in most Indian films, the action and melodrama are highlighted by multiple song and dance numbers.

Having been unjustly accused of having an affair, a dutiful and loving wife is thrown out of the house by her husband and forced to abandon her baby. When mother and child are eventually ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Gursimran K (fr) wrote: Better than what most other reviews say

Emily M (au) wrote: Man, this movie was WICKED! No dialogue, but it's fun to improvise ;pStill, it's got a lot of messages to it, and quite interesting to watch. You'll be able to see why it was 13 years in the making...

Brody M (ca) wrote: Not to bad but not to great either.Still it was better then I expected

Jenn M (ru) wrote: Is every Adam Sandler movie the same? Yep. The childish dialogue, check, the random jibber ish, the overly done "comedic" ranting, the neanderthal like behavior....check check and double check.Although the story was sort of entertaining, I couldn't help but root for the supposed bad guy rather than the bumbling oaf with a spoiled brat attitude.

Joe M (ca) wrote: We watch this film series about every three years. It is the best, best written, best played series of all time.

Private U (fr) wrote: I have to give at least 2.5 points because barbra is in it but to be honest i didn't have a clue what was going on in the 'dream' sequences!!

Jeremy B (it) wrote: The Matt Helm series of films were, at best, entertaining silliness, and, at worst, boring silliness. Often, each film had its moments of both. Here, Martin does his usual charming drunk thing and is perfectly adequate at it. The girls are nice. The plot is dumb. And the bad guys are just bad enough. Not my favourite of the series (I like The Ambushers the most) but fans of the spy spoof should find something worthwhile here.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: This is some of the best out of Bergman's early works, by far, but still not his best. This film though is important as the style he developed in this film lead to some of his greatest work.

Suvi L (ca) wrote: Expressionism is seen in the set design (the story itself is quite realistic) and in many ways it has features from other German horror movies (Der Golem, Caligari, Faust etc.). Because the movie is over four hours long I couldn't watch it in one sitting, I'm sure you understand :) However, the social commentary and some of the special effects are quite impressive, very Fritz Lang. He also said that Mabuse himself isn't an image of a dictator but more like a superhuman with an endless desire for power.

Kush D (ru) wrote: The characteristic of Cassavetes' films (or the two that I've seen) that fascinates the most is the mystery of his characters. Gena Rowlands plays her role as the woman who seems to rationalise her insanity, similar to that of A Woman Under the Influence. The difference in the two roles is that here she seems to have more of an idea of what makes her so "screwed up" - her widespread obsessive love. I've a sneaking suspicion that Rowlands herself is slightly unhinged seeing as she plays the character so naturally through scrunched up face expressions of inner conflict and outward psychotic bursts. Cassavetes leaves us to decide exactly what is going on in her seemingly indecipherable mind. The character Cassavetes plays (Rowland's brother in the film) is equally as enigmatic: a drunk lost in the midst of sex, alcohol and money who also has a compassionate side to him. We are lead to believe he does not care for his son but one could argue that he is merely scared of the idea of raising him. We are even exposed to a madness he shares with his sister as he frantically tries to help her take care of the animals in the rain towards the end. Their love for each other and the connection between them established through similarities in their natures is beautiful. The frenetic ending in the pouring rain shattered me as Cassavetes concludes the film with a final, overwhelming image (see below) of him drunkenly waving away Rowlands and one could say his career altogether (this being his last "proper" film).

Eric H (us) wrote: An absolutely great film and well worth the watch as it has a great support cast with lots of humour, and by the end of the film you'll want to know more about the man from Wales. It's simple, pure and a very inspiring true story. Well played from James Corden who just nailed the character of Paul Potts. If you need cheering up or inspiring then watch this film!!