Lake Eerie

Lake Eerie

A young widow moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the sudden loss of her husband; however, she soon discovers a dark secret and that she is not alone.

A young widow (Meredith Majors) moves into an old house on Lake Erie to recover from the sudden loss of her husband; however, she is soon haunted by a dark presence. She is taking multiple pills/ medications for her anxiety and depression; therefore, she is not sure if she is losing her mind or if the haunting is really happening. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt H (ag) wrote: Really light and enjoyable movie, great dialogue, funny, smart, and a little bit weird. I totally recommend it!

Trouble B (kr) wrote: Achieves everything it sets out to do perfectly. The humour's genuinely funny without trying too hard, the characters are great, there's never a boring moment.

Liam J (de) wrote: the more this series went on the stranger it got, from the apocalyptic masterpiece of Dead or alive to its sequel " the birds" being one of miikes most subtle and gracefull films to this... I just didnt get this one, in the natural progression I see where it fits, It just did not work for me.

Paul D (es) wrote: Apart from the lack of any authority figures in a school where students keep dying in mysterious circumstances, this is one of those low-budget films that does capture the imagination within the horror genre.

Brandon S (de) wrote: The original International Man of Mystery is created here played the charismatic James Coburn. The film is a spoof on the secret agent craze that started in the 60's and is loaded with the zaniness of 60's hollywood filmmaking. Flint is the world's most sought after agent that is employed to stop some werid weather patterns, which an obivious evil syndicate is behind. Campy, colorful, and bottomline ridiculous spy spoof.

Justin R (fr) wrote: Simply put, this film contains some of the most poetic and haunting imagery I have ever seen. Oscillating back and forth between jubillant celebration and profound despair, Kalatozov's film is an ode to an exploding culture whose people are often made to bear the brunt of corporate/state collusion and greed. The stark contrasts between the haves and have-nots make clear the film's socialist agenda, and yet there's a subtlety and fluidity to this work that defies any notion of kitsch that I'm familiar with. Enrique's funeral procession alone is one of the most beautiful journeys through a cityscape that I have ever seen on celluloid. The camera is simultaneously omnipotent in its ubiquity and intimate in its capture of those individual faces and narratives that constitute the text's four vignettes. Visually stunning and exquisitely composed, the film is a testament to the bloody paradox of those fantasies spun by capitalism and the reality of its often violent imposition upon the people.

Donna R (de) wrote: I love all Esther Williams movies! I cannot swim,but love the water and enjoy the musical, tranquil and beautiful scenes of Esther Williams doing her aqua ballets! They do not make movies like that anymlore

Bryanna H (ru) wrote: This is some sap worthy of Lifetime, except of course, that it stars Bette Davis, so she raises it above smultz, and tears. Bogey is in here as a minor character, who isn't baddass, so I chose it ignore it. The ending is a jarring one.

David P (us) wrote: There are several funny moments in the movie. However it is way to stupid, so stupid it seems so funny to laugh at how stupid it is. Disaster Movie is a scattershot however, and chances are any random movie you pick will be better than this one.

Anthony W (fr) wrote: Probably my favourite Mark Dacascos film. Considering its low budget and time it took to film, it's pretty good, with awesome action scenes and fights. Try to watch the Director's Cut as the other version loses a lot of the original film's heart.