Lake Noir

Lake Noir

A group of friends head off for a secluded getaway and encounter more than they bargained for. "Nothing good happens at this lake, " warns Ol' Mr. McAvoy to a group of unsuspecting campers looking forward to a sex and alcohol fueled romp at a secluded lake. Little do they know the lake's sordid past, horrible atrocities, and the resident of the lake who does not take kindly to visitors.

A group of friends head off for a secluded getaway and encounter more than they bargained for. 'Nothing good happens at this lake' warns Ol' Mr. McAvoy to a group of unsuspecting campers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott H (fr) wrote: Great family movie! pulls at your heart stirrings for sure, but wholesome goodness...

Nadav I (it) wrote: This movie is hilarious and well-done. It sets up the premise from the opening scene: a father creating a video diary teaching his unborn son how to be a man. It charmed me right from the start with witty dialogue and not giving spelling things out too hard. Some things are left ambiguous and I really like that. The scenes that play out are outrageous, but in no way unbelievable. The premise and the delivery warrants every action that motivated a character. Granted, there were some scenes where Liam Aiken's performance wasn't believable, but that was only once that I could recall.I would definitely watch this again and recommend to friends.

Heidi H (mx) wrote: Booooring, not even exciting...

McKini W (nl) wrote: My current favorite movie.

Jonathan P (br) wrote: One of the better recent Van Damme flicks. Wake of Death has a good storyline but the editing was muddy and some of the actors were pretty bad (Lisa Gier King). Waited for some good old Van Damme fight scenes but the director chose to avoid his fists and feet and choose to use guns in excess. Van Damme fans will be the only ones interested in this one.

Lennon W (us) wrote: I loved this movie. Although im now really sad that hollwood is remaking it. The hollywood preview makes the main character seem that she was really just an over crazed woman , when in this film she was disciplined and in love with her craft. But the bringing of a child into her life changed that. I think it was well done and the food just tied it in so well. loved it

Thomas T (au) wrote: Good Burger works for the comedy it was trying to deliver at its time.

Jesse P (mx) wrote: i absolutely LOVE this movie!!!!!! It really shows you what some woman go through and if i had been in her shoes i cant say i would not have done the same thing

Lee H (ru) wrote: Another movie where the poor ugly unprivileged try to outdo and defeat the more affluent privileged elite. Another anti-established Communist classic attempting to teach that it doesn't matter what you have, merely that your big at heart. Bleh!

Justin B (ru) wrote: Masterpiece this most certainly is not; misunderstood, mislabeled and underappreciated film it definitely is. The atmosphere and overall feel of the film is great not to mention the wonderfully nasty kill scenes but the low budget and awkward structuring wane its actual quality. It(TM)s not for everyone and it walks an unsteady line between exploitation and art-house but it(TM)s worth a watch for the avid horror fan.

joe a (kr) wrote: i want to see that movie

Jonathan I (gb) wrote: Fairly boring. Some of the setups for conflict were nice, though.

Rainforce G (es) wrote: Its some Love,Comedy and of Course some adult scenery

Jay M (ag) wrote: Nothing compared to IP MAN.

Eric P (ru) wrote: It's better than the last film, I'll give it that. It didn't bore me to tears and at least had a couple of cool moments throughout. I gotta give it that much.

Harry S (de) wrote: My favorite movie of 1997!

Tia R (ru) wrote: So good. So touching. So so sad. This really is the one to see. But be prepared.