Lake of Dracula

Lake of Dracula

A doctor investigates the murders of several women at a lakeside resort. His investigation leads him to believe that a vampire is responsible for the murders. He sets out to track the vampire down.

A doctor investigates the murders of several women at a lakeside resort. His investigation leads him to believe that a vampire is responsible for the murders. He sets out to track the vampire down. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Seth G (it) wrote: Very impressed since the first See No Evil was terrible . The acting is good , The deaths were okay (only about 4) they were bloody , The way the movie looks is beautiful & the special effects are better they look more realistic , Jacob Goodnight is truly a horror icon in this one , he has his mask , apron , and most of all , His sharp hook knife that he uses to kill off 2 of the female characters in this . Great Slasher ! 5/5

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