Lakhachi Gosht

Lakhachi Gosht


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:127 minutes
  • Release:1952
  • Language:Marathi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Lakhachi Gosht 1952 full movies, Lakhachi Gosht torrents movie

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Lakhachi Gosht torrent reviews

Dan D (gb) wrote: Brainless... utterly and completely devoid of sense - which means the horror and suspense lacks any punch at all.

David N (fr) wrote: Un bon film de com (C)die qui vaut le coup. L(TM)histoire et des moments difficile y croire, mais cela montre que tout le monde trouve son me s"ur. Mais c(TM)est plus sp (C)cial ^^

Daniel P (br) wrote: So I'm on an Eastern film binge right now in reaction to this all american summer blockbuster. Maybe not the big foreign films everyone talks about, but even something introductory to the culture would help. This is what Goemon did for me. Based off of a Japanese fable I loved the rich layer of the story. Everything comes together in this movie and is told without rush. It unfolds as neatly as expected. The acting was pretty good, nothing worth really mentioning. The film is heavily influenced on anime and the superhuman abilities filmed in this movie are CGI'd and slightly noticeable. Considering it was filmed with such a strong color range I forgive the CGI slips. It has the intensity of color to it the same way 300 does. Lots of color-themed scenes. It's a great story about freedom, war, peace, and brotherhood. It's cheesy action for non-anime fans, and a little over dramatic, but it's a very good peak into the pop culture of Japan's stories today. My only complaint is that it gets long. Granted the full story is told, but there was a certain point I would've been happy where they ended it. It went on for a little more, but that's all. All in all a good piece to start with. I'm hoping to move my way through these movies until I watch Akira Kurosawa films.P.S. My complaint is that Netflix dubs over most of these oriental films and completely ruins the original translations of it! I was upset and had to live with two-bit american voice overs. Still, worth the watch. I'd go for it on a casual night in.

Bruin S (us) wrote: My favorite animated super-hero film.

Guillaume L (de) wrote: Deux histoires en parallele qui finissent par se rejoindre mais qui ne composent pas un tout a la hauteur de ce que laissait presager un tel sujet. La partie avec Melanie Thierry, intrigante, se laisse suivre tandis que celle dont Dupontel est le heros est plus axee sur l'action et contient son lot de scenes cliche et ratees (la scene de poursuite en courant filmee en spy cam qui se voudrait etre le morceau de bravoure du film est proche de celle parodique de "La cit de la peur", risible donc), d'un autre age meme... D'ailleurs pourquoi les "personnages negatifs" sont-ils tous d'origine etrangere ? 4/4, bizarre quand meme... Ou simple intention de retrouver "l'esprit" des vieilles series B ?... En tout cas, le film passe a cote de son sujet, dommage.

Lili K (au) wrote: The only thing with this film that got me frustrated is that, at the end, lots of parts are left unsolved/unanswered. Otherwise, a really interesting movie, that gets you into the story of these two mens more and more as minutes pass by.

Kate B (jp) wrote: Cute, yet very weird movie!

Dinesh P (ag) wrote: A woman never satisfied with the man tries out with a girl friend. And realises in the end that nothing is perfect. A nice movie to watch.

Flavia C (au) wrote: i felt in love with that movie when i was a teenager .. beautiful "paysage"

Zach M (jp) wrote: This was a very strange sci-fi/horror that started so bizarrely that as it progresses you don't know if the movie is a dream or a solid story. Once it gets going though it becomes disturbing and fun.When the chick gives birth to the grown man it is very well done and very nasty.Some good special effects and gore make up for a boring and nonsensical story.Maryam D'Abo is gorgeous and shows her boobies a few times, which were lovely.

Bill J (jp) wrote: I blame the director for this movie dragging on too long in all the wrong spots.