Lal Haveli

Lal Haveli

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1944
  • Language:Hindi
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Lal Haveli 1944 full movies, Lal Haveli torrents movie

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Lal Haveli torrent reviews

Maymay A (de) wrote: Thrilling film with appealing performances from Jake Gyllenhaal and Michael Pea. Definitely a good watch.

Jakir A (fr) wrote: thought i was renting the U.S movie but ended up getting this one, not what i expected but watched the whole movie.superb acting and gripping story. loved the intensity and the way it was filmed. a mistake i am happy to have made.

Gavin S (ru) wrote: A fun little movie about 2 boys growing up in 1980s England. One is a bully (Lee) the other is a sheltered boy from a very strict religious home (Will) who end up becoming friends via the making of a movie. The film is a tribute to Rambo: First Blood, the only movie Will has ever seen, and it allows his powerful imagination to take off, while giving Lee an outlet for all the talent he has. At points it's a little clich, but mostly endearing, especially given the performances of the 2 leads. Enjoyable feel good film that's offbeat enough to appeal to those who wouldn't usually watch something like this. (ie. Me)

Private U (it) wrote: Eloise is so cute, omg i love her and this movie was awesome :) oh new york!

Natalie G (ag) wrote: a favorite from my teen years

Jonathan S (es) wrote: Bizarre and beautiful and then bizarre again, but still pretty beautiful. Ambitious and memorable and I might have to familiarize myself more with Yukio Mishima before I watch it again.

Jeffrey L (kr) wrote: A clever, well-performed vintage film still enjoyed by nostalgias, Kitty Foyle brings us a terrific role for the charming Ginger Rogers and an enjoyable story about a young woman whose inner conscience won??t leave her alone when she thinks she has everything figured out. Through mostly flashback sequences and history of the Kitty character, we soon learn that we are going to know her as well as a best friend.Rogers is mostly the whole show here as we are brought back to her late childhood where she is working during the depression to support her and her alcoholic father. When we learn about the men who stood by her side and helped her with all the tasks she was responsible for survival, it is easy to see how she developed romance flings with them. However, now she is considered a grown woman and thinks she is bound to marry a man who once was her significant other but has come back after a long time to reclaim her. Her heart says yes, but something tells her another man who has come along in the meantime would do her better.As a whole, this film is enjoyable and has great performances by the whole cast, and Rogers even won an Oscar for her leading role as Kitty. Her two roommates provide many decent laughs and a scene where she plays a hopeful department store clerk is one of the biggest highlights. Like most movies of this genre, there is some sadness along the way, especially towards the end where she meets a young boy who reminds her of her son who she lost at his birth (could this be more than just a coincidence?). Loving story and great use of technology for its time, too. A great addition for the library of any fan of old black and white movies.

Sam M (gb) wrote: A very good interpretation of the old love/romance story.Rewatched a little while after. I knew I had missed a few things.

THEdjpluto (au) wrote: Right up there with "The Shining" and "The Exorcist" as one of the most terrifying horror films ever made.

Jacky L (ca) wrote: decent. watched not for the storyline but to see kristen wiig in a drama.