Lala Pipo: A Lot of People

Lala Pipo: A Lot of People

Adapted from a sex-stuffed cult novel, LALAPIPO (a play on the phrase “A Lot of People”) follows divergent seedy strands of sexual and narrative spaghetti through the sticky Tokyo night. There’s a chubby freelance writer who’s so obsessed with masturbating to the sound of his upstairs neighbors going at it that he forgets to deal with his own love life and when he finally does have sex he is immediately filled with self-loathing. The upstairs neighbor’s story then splits off like an amoeba: she’s an office lady seduced by a “talent scout” who is falling down the sex industry ladder, moving from hostess, to massage girl, to private karaoke attendant. The talent scout’s story then splits off and runs in its own direction, revealing the sorry state of this young pimp’s soul. From there, the movie takes more and more time to consider the lives of more and more characters until the entire Japanese sex industry is filled with the wailing of lost souls.

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Chris K (fr) wrote: This movie is awesome!! Watch it

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Martyn M (gb) wrote: A fairly enjoyable Hollywood Western re-located to the Australian Northern Territory. The lady from elsewhere, the local anti-establishment hero, the murderous bad guy. The "Injuns" are here in the form of Aborignes. Tackles a few issues of the racist nature, but it is little more than an above average "Boys Own" adventure.

Nicholas W (br) wrote: Every piece of history that Spielberg puts on the screen is a masterpiece.This movie deals with the aftermath of violent act of hate and makes you question whether revenge is necessary or if there is always someone worse to fill the shoes you've emptied.

Frederick M (jp) wrote: Designed pretty much to offend and confuse you. Crispin Glover directs a movie with an all down syndrome cast. He plays some kind of dictator who watches them do depraved things. It reminds me that the line between genius and insanity is very thin. It's pretty obvious that Glover is on the side of insanity. It's all well and good to make movies like this but they should have a point besides just showing offensive images and trying to provoke a reaction.This movie is practically Crispin Glover screaming "Don't you all think I'm very weird and a genius?" Soundtrack: Some Niggers Never Die (They Just Smell That Way)That pretty much sums up this horrible excuse for an experimental film.

Andrew L (ag) wrote: Good follow up to a classic original. It keeps the winning formula throughout, but feels that little bit less special for some reason.

Mahir T (ru) wrote: Didn't your mommy & daddy tell you there is no such things as monster/zombies?

Ben D (nl) wrote: Parts of this have dated, and it doesn't all quite hang together the way it should, but there is a lot fo admire in William Wellman's pre-code melodrama. Loretta Young is very good as Mary, a woman torn between love and her duty to the crime family that raised her. The art direction is superb. Pre-Code grittiness.

William M (fr) wrote: Not Hitch's best work

Bill B (ag) wrote: I picked this up as a double feature with another film from the same time period (the mid-'80s) and was fairly amused with it even if it doesn't exactly blow my skirt up. I've definitely found that I have a much higher tolerance for middle of the road horror fare than I do for middle of the road sci-fi, so this one was watchable for me but never really completely won me over.Rental, but might be better left to sci-fi fans.