Set in the 19th century Warsaw. The indolence of aristocrats who, secure with their pensions, are too lazy to undertake new business risks, frustrates Wokulski. His ability to make money is...

Set in the 19th century Warsaw. The indolence of aristocrats who, secure with their pensions, are too lazy to undertake new business risks, frustrates Wokulski. His ability to make money is... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Matt G (ru) wrote: This might be one of the most enjoyable watches of a faulty movie full of awful people I've ever experienced. As a fan of stand-up, it's hard not to be enticed by the inside look at that world. Unfortunately, the painfully awkward sequences and lack of tonal control make this a dramedy neither funny enough nor poignant enough to fully work.

Dammy G (au) wrote: And with that Futurama becomes crap.

Betty B (ag) wrote: WOW. This was another of those movies that give you lots of suspense and then fail to give you a reason why you sat and watched one and a half hours of something that totally had no meaning whatsoever. It was a thought provoking movie, had you wondering what was going to happen next, and I really did ENJOY watching this one. But the ending was like *WHAM* No more. End of story. I guess the characters continue to go on with their lives in the same manner, and it's up to you to decide how their tomorrow's went. It was more a movie that SHOWED how people FEEL. Rather than make everything all fall into place in the end, and everyone lives happily ever after, or even the exact opposite, where nothing works out for anyone, and you turn off the movie hoping for a sequel so that they have another chance to find happiness and bring real meaning to their lives - the ending just wasn't CLEAR in any way about any of the details or any of the people's lives or future's. I really liked this movie. Did NOT like the way it ended and left you just sitting there thinking "what was that all about...?" I doubt I will ever watch it again. 3 1/2 stars. Could have been a 4 star movie if the ending had been more "resolved."

Scarlett E (fr) wrote: This is one of my favorites.

John G (gb) wrote: There?s a marked difference between stage and screen, and South of Heaven is a film that really reminds a viewer of that difference. More than its limited locations, small cast, and hand-painted backdrops, the film also has the dialogue of a good play, with interesting character monologues and audience asides that come close to breaking the 4th wall. Still, I?m not sure that South of Heaven, with all of its looney tunes ambition (think the Coen Bros meets Lil? Abner meets Darkman, then make that a noir), really works as a movie. It works as a story, but I could never quite overlook the un-cinematic-ness of it, as on display here. The same story with a bigger budget and a little bit of script fat-trimming would probably be an incredible movie, and it?s almost a shame to see it exist in the form that it does?too low-budget for its own good. The cast is all-around good, doing good service to the material, and J.L. Vara may be a writer to watch. If you have an open heart to DIY movies, truly independent stuff, then you?ll feel rewarded by South of Heaven.

EvaLena I (ru) wrote: Has it`s moment but are just to much sex in it for my teast otherwise it had been better. It`s about a woman police detective that gets involved with a murder suspect that kills the woman he sleeps with. How will it go for her.

Bill F (nl) wrote: Great Cast, Great Story, One of my Favorite Southern Ladies Comfort Movies!A must see again, especially around Easter!

Robert C (fr) wrote: Baxter is a bit of a K-9 sociopath. But the film is shot in such a way that you really feel like he's a "troubled youth" going from one 'foster home' to the next. No one every really knowing the 'real' baxter. Ultimately it is a very moving tale of 'the human conditon' through the eyes of a dog. Another very human lesson learned here (the hard way) is that sometimes the thing that we think we want/need most...might not actually be the thing that fullfills us, or makes feel whole.

Michael G (mx) wrote: Frances left me feeling (obviously not as) torn as Frances Farmer herself in watching it. On the one hand I praise it for Jessica Lange's powerhouse performance as the fiery Farmer, which is reason alone enough to watch Frances. Then on the other end of the spectrum the production values on this movie age it horrible and I'm pretty sure the set designer has or had glaucoma. Frances is also an incredibly sad movie and for as good as it is, the subject matter, last 20 minutes and running time make it such a goddamn bear to get through. And what's more difficult to deal with concerning this movie is that I've dated women more batshit crazy then Farmer was made out to be and she's the one that gets lobotomized. Life's definitely not fair, but its more sad...

Jackson S (gb) wrote: One of my all-time favorites! It DESERVES to be seen.Goddammit I fucking love you, James Brolin (pre-Streisand)!

Tio B (fr) wrote: Careful how you say that title.

David J (fr) wrote: The fantastical, imaginative world of "Harry Potter" is hardly difficult to invest in, but the story is fluffy and flawed.