Lammas all paremas nurgas

Lammas all paremas nurgas

A warm movie about two boys, who discover a secret of a painting that was considered to be lost. The adventures begin, when a boss of a bunch of criminals finds out about the painting.

A warm movie about two boys, who discover a secret of a painting that was considered to be lost. The adventures begin, when a boss of a bunch of criminals finds out about the painting. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Scott J (br) wrote: very good story poorly told bad pacing jumps around alot but inspiring moments and worth a watch

Adam S (fr) wrote: Another in a long line of "historical" action films that rely far too heavily on CGI and blood splatter and forget to give an engaging plot line, "Centurion" does have a decidedly British feel to it.Set in northern England, where native tribes battle with the Roman Empire for supremacy in the region, "Centurion" focuses on a broken Roman legion, featuring Michael Fassbender and the leader of the survivors, Dominic West as their fallen leader, Olga Kurylenko as a woman tracking them with intent to kill, and Noel Clarke, David Morrissey, Liam Cunningham and some other people as a raft of interchangeable other Roman people who mainly walk behind Fassbender for the majority of the film. There's also some guy who has ulterior motives, but what those are, the film seems to forget to tell us.A highly boring film that really brings nothing new to an already stale genre.

Stefan T (ag) wrote: Four stars nicest movie ever!

Monica W (gb) wrote: ho ho siu ar...chim shiu man is very funny ar........

Dani P (jp) wrote: Excessively absurd. Petra was pregnant for eight months and milien couldn't notice it? A car that can go down an enormous mountain of snow? C'mon! We all know that reality isn't part of Taxi's universe but sometimes it gets ridicuolus. Besides, it's sad to see great female roles such as Petra and Lily getting wasted and have only a few minutes in the film, specially Lily. She deserved more space this time. Three stars because it' still very funny and entertaining.

Vikram T (ca) wrote: for a fact this is a bad film. Rani is so overrated. .5 for a good song in the film... but also there is some funny parts lol

Matt D (ca) wrote: This movie lacks the vital energy that should be there when focusing on the Beatles at this stage of their career but the casting is spot on and a few good moments make it worth watching but I'm waiting for the definitive Beatles biopic to appear someday...

Johnny B (jp) wrote: Pretty funny. Worth a watch although I'm not much of a stiller fan

Bivo M (jp) wrote: This is one of the best films ever made.Tagline: His was the most...human.

Annie S (jp) wrote: We saw Arthur and Mike on the big screen and it was a very different experience to seeing it online. It was more complex and the road movie aspect much more interesting, with some wonderful scenery. It was humorous as well as intriguing, and how nice to see Colin Firth being all sexy again - there has been a bit of a drought! I really like Emily Blunt, and thought she gave the character quie a lot of depth - in fact, does a sister exist, or is she the one who is schizophrenic? I give it 4 stars!

Ian W (es) wrote: Fantastic piece on the Rwandan genocide that felt like it placed you in the hotel also.

Osian J (kr) wrote: a lot better than expected.

Richard D (us) wrote: Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy finds out girl has dead room mate that looks exactly like her. Boy cooks up scheme to have girl pose as dead room mate to collect a big inheritance and split it with boy. Things do not go as boy planned.A decent set up for a seriously undercooked noir thriller. The film drags so much in the middle section that you won't be able to work up the energy to care about the absurdly twisty climax. Beau Bridges and Aidan Quinn appear to collect pay cheques.

Simon D (es) wrote: This is pretty stupid, predictable, and unrealistic. Despite being called a Romcom is wasn't funny and for it's originality, well, from what I gather, it's basically a rip off from another film, which they make no secret of, to be fair.