American resort developers bear down on the wild west coast of Nicaragua, hoping to build the next tourist paradise. With lax labour and environmental regulations, some of the developers take full advantage of the situation, and the local fishermen start accusing them of exploitation and land thievery. Unexpectedly, in the midst of this conflict, firebrand Daniel Ortega and the Sandinistas sweep back into government, boldly empowering the local fishermen. The tables turn viciously on the American developers, who get much more than they bargained for. But when the local fishermen, corrupted by new found power, begin acting in the same manner as the American developers, questions are posed about human nature, morality, and ethics on a much larger scale.

American resort developers bear down on the wild west coast of Nicaragua, hoping to build the next tourist paradise. With lax labour and environmental regulations, some of the developers ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristin R (mx) wrote: Yawn. Really boring, could barely keep my attention.

Bob L (it) wrote: I like Ray Harryhausen. I like the man (met him a few times) and I like his work. Even in these days of CGI and smooth matte work, his cinematography is influential and inspiring, and he's a skilled artist too. So why the low score? Well, this is an obvious attempt to advertise the new Harryhausen Institute, using a get together of some of the top film makers at its launch. As film makers, this lot should know what comes over on camera. While the archive material is cracking, and the interview material informative, these big Hollywood names come over as sycophantic fan boys, smacking a bit of being disingenuous. It's obvious they're not when you see their work back to back with Harryhausens, but that's what comes across. I'm glad I have this, as a good record of the mans work, but could do without the back slapping.

John B (nl) wrote: So much fun to watch. A tale of a time and space where movies were mass produced in the Philippines with violence, sex, exploitation with very little budget or plotline. These are the straight to the drive in features. Hartley presents the material as it should be a light nostalgic manner.

Catinca C (us) wrote: Barely believable love story; the rest is just fine - the plot is entertaining, the characters are as believable as possible in a romantic chick-wedding-flick, but I just did not buy into the growing love of these people. Neeeh

Trent B (ag) wrote: One word to describe "zombie strippers", MASTERPIECE!! Zombies and Stippers, with fantastic acting, twisting plot, and a mind boggling romance make this movie a must see! Can you say Oscar?! Jenna Jameson is a lock for best actress, and Robert Englund nothing less than best supporting actor! Top tier movie with top tier suspense, a must see for everyone! So grab the popcorn and the lube, cause you are in for a treat my friend.....

Korinn G (kr) wrote: i did not enjoy this movie, maybe its because i watched it alone.. only funny scene was the jerkin it scene

Jonathan B (ru) wrote: This has been my favourite big screen Agatha Christie adaptation since I was taken to the cinema to see it many years ago by my mother. It simply drips with opulence and red herrings and has a stellar cast that directors these days can only dream of. The story is the usual Christie tale of wealthy socialites all with dozens of skeletons clattering around in their closets who find themselves aboard a luxury paddle cruiser on a sightseeing tour of Egypt. As the body count mounts, the great Belgian detective, Hercule Poirot is called upon to solve the dastardly crime and bring the murderer to justice.Here, Poirot is played for the first time by the wonderful Peter Ustinov, who, despite bearing little physical resemblance to the character, plays him with such joie de vivre as to be completely charming. Joining him on his escapade is David Niven as companion, Colonel Race and the wonderfully eccentric passengers being made up of Bette Davis, Maggie Smith, Angela Lansbury, Mia Farrow, Olivia Hussey, Jane Birkin, Simon MacCorkindale and George Kennedy.There's a slow, lugubrious quality to this movie allowing the glamour and exotic nature of the surroundings and characters full reign with enough giggles and fabulously camp lines to keep it all entertaining.There's a simply magical score from Nino Rota which sums up the age and style perfectly and director John Guillermin allows the undoubtedly huge egos of his cast to shine through to wonderful effect.Ustinov went on to play Hercule Poirot several more times with varying success. For me, this is his best portrayal of the role and would take an awful lot to better.

Brad S (de) wrote: I had seen this film from Francois Truffaut many years ago and didn't remember it well, but loved it this time around. It's a great film about movie-making that won the Foreign Oscar that year. It's just highly entertaining film about the process of making a movie, and Francois plays the director in it. Highly recommended, probably the bets film about making movies there is!

Robert H (br) wrote: Despite being a little dated and hokey at times, SILENT RUNNING was an enjoyable sci-fi film with some incredible visual effects. From the effects maestro behind 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY comes a story about future Earth where all of the surviving plants are being cared for in modules far out in space. However, the order comes back that the crew needs to destroy all of the remaining flora and the caretaker, Lowell (Bruce Dern), decides to take matters into his own hands. Aside from the visual effects, which is the biggest thing this film has going for it, I will give credit to Bruce Dern for being a likeable and somewhat charismatic lead, although I don't think he was quite up to task of carrying most of the film by himself. He had a certain humanity and earthiness that played well against the wordless drones that he interacts with. The other human cast members also did a good job, but they weren't really in it long enough for them to register too much as characters. As I said before, the visual effects were excellent. There were quite a few exterior space shots of the ships that I thought gave Star Wars a run for its money. There was also some decent production design on the ship interior. However, I do think that the film is a little dated. The songs were a little hokey and I didn't care for them too much. Also, the pro-environment message was laid on a little too broadly and came off as a little silly at times. Still, it is nice to see how far we've come considering that this came out towards the beginning of that movement. Overall, I wasn't particularly bored by this film, but it wasn't exactly riveting either. Bruce Dern is a capable lead, but the real star of the film is the effects. Recommended if you're a fan of old-school sci-fi.

Jason D (jp) wrote: Wow, where do I begin? Hellgate was directed by William A. Levey, who directed the notorious Blackenstein. The film also features special effects from the same team that did Hellraisers 1 and 2. The film is stars none other than Horshack from Welcome Back, Kotter. With that, prepare yourself for 90 minutes of one of THE most ridiculous movies EVER. Though filled to the brim with gratuitous nudity, the film never really decides if it wants to be a comedy horror or plain horror. Either way you cut it, every single joke just about falls flat on its face, not to mention a climax and ending that was borderline retarded. Speaking of which, this entire movie seemed borderline retarded, about two couples who share a story of a young girl who gets kidnapped by bikers and accidentally killed in her hometown of Hellgate, named after her loony ass father (who, I swear, looks like John Astin from the Addams Family show). With that, a miner uncovers a crystal formation that shoots lasers from it. The miner gives it to Hellgate who begins using it like crazy. Based upon how well he shoots that laser, he can either mutilate someone, blow shit up, or raise the dead. Yeah, so he raises his daughter who tries to seduce one of the guys (Horshack) and all hell and titties break loose. Zombies are everywhere, there are dance numbers, familiar classical compositions that are offputting to hear in a film like this, weird nude massages, several pointless minutes of dialog and scene filler, a resurrected stuffed turtle that takes a chunk out of someone's face (the highlight of this film). If you are going to watch this mess, watch it for the titties and the turtle, and watch it really baked off your ass.

Ian G (br) wrote: A cute take on the Night Before Christmas delivery schedule following four generations of Clauses who have born the name Santa and how far they would go to make one almost forgotten childs christmas dream come true while fighting the whole war of old techniques with Reindeer and Sleigh vs computers, GPS and an electronic ship taking the place of the sleigh. Decent vocal cast including Broadbent, Laurie, and McAvoy and has some decent heart warming moments throughout, not quite opn the level of Rudolph and Grinch but works as a year to year gem for the milenial generation.

Corey L (jp) wrote: The characters seem more like they are from a parody spoof flick than an actual movie. The characters traits are extremely exaggerated making it hard to get into the story. There are not many laughs to be had in this film.