Land Awakening

Land Awakening

Volunteering at organic farms in the Mediterranean, film-maker Raul Alvarez embarks on a journey that will bring him to a life transformation. Triggered by his encounters with unique people living sustainable lives close to Nature he finds unexpected answers. Savvy and experienced characters offer solutions to universal questions about the Land...and about each of us. His personal journey on food and agriculture turns into a spiritual realization about our relationship to the Land.

  • Category:Adventure
  • Stars:
  • Uploader:Chich1Phat
  • Country:Canada, Italy, Greece
  • Director:Raul Alvarez
  • Writer:Pablo Alvarez, Pablo Alvarez (story), Raul Alvarez

Volunteering at organic farms in the Mediterranean, film-maker Raul Alvarez embarks on a journey that will bring him to a life transformation. Triggered by his encounters with unique people... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Raphael S (ag) wrote: Embora a histria faa lembrar do filme com Adam Sandler, o suspense criado na parte final bem construdo, embora no seja um filme muito memorvel.

Lydia G (es) wrote: Great acting and appropriate family relationships that are explored, a "happy tearjerker"? Liked it.

Alex R (ca) wrote: The title is awesome and so is the Costello-song it is taken from, and Cillian usually puts on a great performance.

Lilianetty l (fr) wrote: Lamentablemente este filme pudo haber tenido una mejor animacion que la misma presentada y la historia pudo haber tenido mejor ritmo del que tuvo. No estuvo mala pero tampoco fue algo epico. Plot: Un Samurai que vivia en el 1920 lucho contra un demonio poderoso y sus secuaces. Resulta ser que ese mismo demonio quedo atrapado para siempre en el mundo humano y solo ese samurai sobrevivio el ataque. Years later, el mismo samurai fue teletransportado por un terrible hechizo y juro guardar los medallones para un ultimo encuentro en Sevilla contra ese demonio sobreviviente. PD: The story-telling is very original but still it could have done better. One star here. Voice Overs: Como no conozco quienes son estos actores y actrices from Spain, debo admitir que no lo hicieron tan mal pero lo que si estuvo mal fue la animacion de las bocas. No del todo mal, pero it could have been better. Music: La musica estuvo del todo hermosa con sentido y mucha pasion, OLE! Claro, no fue del todo epica pero si tuvo sus momentos de gloria y fuerza con mucho poder a lo spanish from Spain. Gisaku here gets some stars. To end this bilingue review, 3 stars of 5. I could not give it 5 stars because sometimes it was very slow, the story iba muy de prisa en algunos momentos de importancia and yes, the animation remind me of Avatar THE LAST AIRBENDER from Nickelodeon (only that this one is epic and better). Sin ofender mi alma mater, enjoy my review and viva Espa~a! OLE! Puerto Rico is somehow proud of you (but not of those years of invasion, that includes USA invasion, aliens ugh). CHAO!

Joshua R (jp) wrote: Great movie, one of my favourite movies of all time.The reason is simple, it's a intense, urgent tale with a world to explore, it felt real as I was watching it and it was really thoughtful on the way it was recorded, one of the things I like the most is the way sometimes the camera explores the world by itself, not always following the main character. Well acted and well directed this movie it's great to watch paying attention.

rosina c (ag) wrote: It was ok. the ending was very non-descript and confusing. I wish the letter had gotten to more people. overall it was not the best.

Mo C (de) wrote: The most time-wasting, random, senseless, and stupid film ever?

Bob A (mx) wrote: I saw this movie as a kid and loved it.

Cheri S (fr) wrote: Very cute movie. I liked the overall story.

bill s (es) wrote: Enough moments for a watch but not the classic it's made out to be.

Ryan S (us) wrote: A hilarious film with some truly excellent performances.

Aswin W (au) wrote: This was a good average psychological thriller. From the begining when Melissa George lays on the ground in a crumy room thought she just talked to a mysterious man the whole time but was more than that. Had few twist and turns to a wicked ending.