Land of Milk and Honey

Land of Milk and Honey

Pierre Etaix’s most radical film, and perhaps unsurprisingly the one that effectively ended his career in cinema, Land of Milk and Honey is a fascinating investigative documentary about post–May ’68 French society.

After the events of May 1968, the French went on vacations - and they were filmed during three months on the rural fairs, on the beaches, on promotional campaigns for products and ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Ian G (ag) wrote: A very enjoyable doc focusing just as the title says on the art of jigging, specially surrounding the upcoming world championship and how numerous people from varying backgrounds around the world became passionate about this artform and made a career or early life pursuing it. Great cast of subjects gather here, but that might be the one fault of the film if anything is that because they cover so many people involved and pursuing to be the best, when they have the glorious crowning moment of one individual, it is not as utterly moving as it could be since the attention is so spread out in some ways (camera seems to focus on about 8-12 separate groups and categories) Otherwise a good light doc at Docs 2011 fest.

Sergej M (jp) wrote: det m vre ulrich thomsens vrste film

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Kyle M (it) wrote: The bone structure shows some weakness, weirdness and some fun energy within in this goofball comedy with enough funny parts at a small amount sporadically to make this enjoyable at an okay level. (B)(Full review coming soon)

Phenyeia O (nl) wrote: Outstanding movie John Wayne is my family favorite actor

Gordon C (es) wrote: Anta Odeli Uta ... could this be a good name for an album? ... Perhaps not. I liked the costume of Aelita's maid best. Interesting to note that this film features a stowaway on board the spaceship (Kravtsov), although there's no suggestion of problems with life support arising out of this.

Tom C (fr) wrote: A disaster, which shows the importance of having a good director!

Sawyer W (gb) wrote: I was so disappointed in LAIKA. Absolute stupidity. Don't waste your time.

M C (gb) wrote: Lost in space sometimes feels too dark for kids but not intense enough for adults, though in all it still packs in too many interesting ideas and cool special F/X to be tossed aside. 45/100