The story concerns Edevart (Trond Peter Stamso Munch), a young man who is learning about life an his place in it. In the story, he at first takes up with August (Helge Jordal), a charming trader who is at least half con-man. After trailing along with him for a while, he decides that August is not a man he wants to model his life after. He becomes acquainted with and falls in love with Lovise Margrete (Marika Lagercrantz) a woman living alone on a sheep farm. She has feelings for him also, but she remains true to her missing husband and their acquaintance does not progress to being a full-fledged romance. It is not until her husband returns to her life that any resolution to Edevart's frustration (which lasts for years) can be achieved. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tonya V (ag) wrote: Reminded me alot of Napolean Dynamite. It's definately offbeat and silly but the air drum-off at the end is great!

Matt H (it) wrote: Insanely funny and very re-watchable! A great stand-up feature.

Post G (fr) wrote: Yet more evidence that Winterbottom is one of the most diverse directors around. Fascinating film, and it certainly inspired me to read some Hardy, but the film was never really convincing for me. Most characters and relationships were simply not fleshed out enough, and their motivation was lacking. Probably a result of over-ambitious compression of the novel into a short-ish film, but perhaps it needed an extra hour or so.

TJB 7 (ag) wrote: Its just something I really loved as a child and I still can't stop thinking about how great it was! In my opinion that is..everyone has an honest opinion so let them say what they want. :3

Weul S (ru) wrote: A pimp, a dj, & a card cheat walk into a prison, all apparently innocent of their crimes. Then this prison break film transforms into a strange buddy film thru the louisiana swampland, only to have our trio splinter in the end.

Jim A (gb) wrote: Burt Reynolds at his best about a stuntman on hollywood films,James Best and Sally Field come along for the ride.Great 1978 movie,they don't make them like this anymore,great fun

Russell H (au) wrote: A terrific blaxploitation flick. Hard-boiled action, beautiful women, and tons of funny one-liners.

Alyan H (ru) wrote: A poor aytempt by 2 gifted actors

Max M (nl) wrote: Awesome. Great animation!!

Kim B (mx) wrote: To hate this movie is to hate life. This is a movie about good people who have honest feelings, and who LIVE, and who fix problems they have with others, and so on. No, it won't appeal to people who don't like anything without boobs (well actually, Jane Fonda spends a significant portion of her screen time in a bikini, so that might catch some attention) or gore, but people with brains should like it. Watching movies about the elderly makes me very sad usually (I won't lie; I'm only almost-nineteen and I fear aging and death), but this was mostly not a sad movie. If it was sad I doubt I would have liked it as much. Henry Fonda deserved the Oscar he got for his role here; I've only seen him in "The Grapes of Wrath," but this role was the brilliant farewell from a master actor. I cried a little bit during a few moments of this movie... and seeing as how very few movies as of late have invoked such emotion in me because I am so used to being manipulated, that speaks to the power of this movie. I hope that, when I am old and grey, I have a love like that between Norman and Ethel. - Originally reviewed 4/14/12

Leo B (es) wrote: An impressive debut and a chart topping soundtrack makes this movie a crowd pleasing film to watch. George Strait stars as a country singer who decides to find himself and recapture the love that has been missing in his life for so long. A must for George Strait, country music and romance fans everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shahriare R (ru) wrote: Unexpectedly disappointing. The plot lacks the heart, originality and standard of DC productions. :/