A woman recounts her story of being confined to live as the mistress of an an influential gangster.

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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2011
  • Language:Hindi,Rajasthani,English
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A woman recounts her story of being confined to live as an unwed wife of an influential gangster. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tammi D (ag) wrote: This might actually turn out to be ok.

Lisa Michelle A (us) wrote: No longer interested in seeing.

Jesse O (mx) wrote: Everything I said about this film, including on the review I wrote on here, has been officially retired now that I've seen it again. If you can't remember, my original thoughts on the film were that it just wasn't very good due to a variety of reasons. I found Chow's character to be immensely unlikable and the movie was much too cartoony for my tastes. The latter being the reason why so many people loved the film. But, as I've become more familiar with Chow's style of comedy, I've come to understand that this is just what he does. I can understand why so many people loved, and still love, this film. It is, by far, Chow's most over-the-top film and I think a lot of people sort of gravitate to that well-constructed insanity that has now become Chow's trademark. With that said, I still don't think this is Chow's best film. I still think Journey to the West finds him at his peak as a filmmaker. It's got great comedy and it's got some surprising depth to the characters that this film didn't have. While this film did have a dramatic side to it, it really honestly felt more like a diversion from the main narrative and not a real important part of it. Though it does lead to a pretty sweet ending, the stuff with Chow's character and the mute girl literally serves no purpose to what's actually going on. There's the whole thing about his one failure as a child to protect the mute girl leading him on a path to criminality as an adult, but that's about it. The rest of it just feels like a whole bunch of filler. It's not that there's much of it, but it still does feel unimportant. With that said, I do think that the film is a whole lot of fucking fun. And, of course, the action and the comedy itself are absolutely over-the-top and cartoony. Other than my just getting accustomed to Chow's style, then I have no idea why I enjoyed this film as much as I did, especially when I disliked it so much for so many years. I think the film is fast-paced and easy to watch. Though there is one scene that overstays its welcome and that is the scene with the assassins with the musical instrument that also doubles as a mystical weapon fighting the masters of Pig Sty Alley. I think they take way too long to get to the fucking point to reveal that the landlady's husband is also a master of a martial arts style. It was way too long of a scene to be honest. This probably the only scene in the entire film that really overstayed its welcome. The rest of it flows fast and it's a lot of fun to watch. Chow's character is still kind of a massive dick, but he feels like much less of a massive dick this time around than he did the first time I watched the film. The action itself is really good and over-the-top, as if you didn't already know. It doesn't have the best martial arts sequences I've ever seen, but they're still really good. With that said, I pretty much did a 180 on this film. It's not like I love it or anything like that, but I did have a blast watching this film and I would highly recommend it.

Jonathan G (nl) wrote: It's absurd, ridiculous, but an entertaining ride for a story that feels like Indiana Jones meets DaVinci Code. Mediocre acting, plot, and action- but the pacing is enough to keep you interested. Rating 7 / 10

Ann Christin O (us) wrote: Vel... Litt langtekkelig med lite action snn sett, men til tider interessant se det fra den vinkelen...

Jacob L (ru) wrote: This by far surpasses garbage pail kids in being the ugliest looking, poorly performed, offensive pieces of junk I have ever seen in my life. The story consists of name brand grocery product mascots living in their own little world and is invaded by the evil Brand X! This is all you need to know as A that's not a very good concept B its half-assed to the max and C it's just a shameful product placement gimmick. The animation is probably the most repulsive CGI animation I have ever been damned to gaze upon. The characters who were based on products they were not given permission to use were Ugly Deformed Racial caricatures which were vomit inducing CGI dogshit. The human beings look like they survived a nuclear blast, they are so damn misshapen and ugly, and the expressions on every character face are permanent. Now get a load of the budget for this turd, 45 million U.S dollars! That's right we have people struggling to make ends meet who would put this amount of money to better use and here you have a bunch of wasteful individuals basically using this money to roll their joints and wipe their ass. Never in my life have I seen such little effort to make a film that's even close to being considered entertainment! Another hour and a half wasted. I mean it's so bad Amazon prime is offering it for Free! Lastly, this film is rated PG the problem being not only will adults not want to see this movie neither will their children. I rate it "S" for Shit 0/5 stars!

Jacob B (jp) wrote: Managing to be darker than its predecessor without having to sacrifice all the stylish action, Blade II, while its plot still feels a bit convoluted, successfully manages to prove Guillermo del Toro's efforts, including his second collaboration with Ron Perlman (because, let's face it, Perlman would never have been famous if it wasn't for del Toro)

Matthew H (gb) wrote: Robin Williams is good in this movie... not a very convincing Italian but still good. Tim Robbins is pretty bad, yet entertaining. The story is a little odd and Williams car salesman Joey has to craziest taste in women EVER. I imagine this was during Robin's coked out days because I doubt the script could have read any better than the film turned out. I mean its an alright movie and filled with familiar faces and a few laughs throughout but it just seems too contrived. Luckily its not too long. I'd recommend this only if you stumble upon it by chance. I wouldn't seek this stinker out.

rebecca s (jp) wrote: this movie could have been so much better. it was most notable for having Bill Pullman & Bill Paxton together during the period where you have the most trouble telling them apart.

Rodney E (es) wrote: Overboard is something that I liked upon first viewing when I was 8 or so and it just sucked to me whenever I saw it again. I like Kurt Russell a lot as an actor but was always kind of on the fence with Goldie. Tons of stupid moments and overall cheese makes it somewhat bearable but the kid trying to do Pee-Wee Herman and so many other painful elements make this one of those crappy movies that I might catch on TV but only for a couple minutes.

Camden M (br) wrote: One of the BEST horror movie plot twists ever.

Eliabeth A (mx) wrote: The best account of Anne Boleyn's history and reign as Queen. A truly inspiring film and utterly fantastic throughout. One of my favourites.

mirabella 1 (kr) wrote: All of the Carry On films get 4 or 5 stars from me.They have been a much-loved part of my life ever since I can remember.

Tim L (ru) wrote: The first of the Carry On films sets up some of the formula that would make the long lasting series so iconic - many of the cast and personel are there and create some great comedy moments . The humour in these early films is less brash, and there is a certain amount of warmth to the film also. Great to see William Hartnell in another role (other than Doctor Who) and for the most part this is a lot of fun, though slow to get started.

Sarah S (jp) wrote: Slow, slow, slow. A horribly bloated narcissistic film that paints an unrealistic picture of a navy station in the Philippines. There was not a single Filipino soldier. Not cool. There were so many Filipinos in the American military, and especially in the navy.

Graeme B (ag) wrote: Another very good instalment and probably the darkest and most emotional so far. Special effects sequences took a back step i felt, allowing a fine script to further enhance the characters and the progression of their relationships.

Sharon o (de) wrote: This movie should be seen by high school kids- they need to understand the message it delivers!

Ian C (mx) wrote: Arguably, the greatest film ever made. These cops don't do political correctness and make Gene Hunt look like a gay closest Christian. Also, the action makes The A-Team TV series look like the opening to Saving Private Ryan. The scene with 7' tall Z'Dar sneaking into a hospital room on a hit, nearly fucking killed me. Serious twitch off the Ginger Henchwoman and her male compatriots looked like nonces wanted on Crimewatch UK. Major complaint (but I'm nit picking) would be when the late great Z'Dar went toe to toe with Matt Hannon he wasn't wearing that black thong. A masterpiece.

Andrew J (de) wrote: Very good and entertaining.