This is the telling of the life of organized crime boss, Meyer Lansky, as remembered by him as a very old man who is moving about the world looking for some country that will take him in since the US courts have put out an extradition order for him to stand trial. It tells of a young man growing up in the Jewish ghettos of America's big cities at the turn of the century and of his bright intelligence which he used for moving into crime. "I'm only a gambler," he claimed, "just like most all Americans." When asked by a reporter to comment on the killings that occurred under his leadership he declined, thereby making this film's thrust that of personalities and relationships rather than of acts of violence or the workings of corrupt deeds. Written by BOB STEBBINS

This is the telling of the life of organized crime boss, Meyer Lansky, as remembered by him as a very old man who is moving about the world looking for some country that will take him in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tom D (es) wrote: This is a good documentary but it feels like several small documentaries blended into one. Some of the subjects are more interesting than others but overall this is an enjoyable movie.

Jordon J (us) wrote: Just off the beaten track from Wolf Creek and Cape Fear is Rupert Glasson's promising feature debut Coffin Rock; a must-see destination for deftly crafted thrills and chills. A very well made & acted film,SEE IT!!!

Andy N (it) wrote: This movie isn't scary and it's not all that good, but some of the death scenes are fun and gory.

Harsha G (es) wrote: dark melancholy and utterly fascinating .. complete antithesis of all masala Bollywood and rom-com popcorn fodder

Jason G (es) wrote: Great WWII Movie !! Very accurate historically

Zachary A (mx) wrote: Excellent 'casual' film adaptation of Checkhov's play... The cast is outstanding. And the concept of the film as a rehearsal for the play (in a dilapidated 42nd Street theatre) is as painfully cool, sophisticated and unpretentious as its soundtrack by Joshua Redman.

Adam C (jp) wrote: It was a big enough mistake to make part 2. Part 4 actually looks alright though, but I still have no intention of seeing this one.

Donald W (de) wrote: #WOODYALLENRETRO PODCAST PROJECT (available on iTunes)Admittedly clever ideas for segments but overall just not as funny as previous works and probably would have worked better if Allen took a more serious stab at the topics with added comedy instead of going full on spoof, has not aged well on rewatch and apart from sheep and ejaculation segments - leaves alot to be desired

Jack G (fr) wrote: To Be or Not to Be is a film that carries the real horror and dread of Europe facing the threats and devastation of Hitler and the Nazis, and never forgets that, but is also a light, screwball comedy about the art of performance and the enjoyment we all get knowing someone is getting something over on another guy. Lubtisch's filmmaking and comic timing moves like a precise slab of butter (if that's a weird analogy), smooth and on point all the time. It follows a Polish theater company that see a the Germans invading, bombing their town, and the two stars of the company played by Jack Benny and Carole Lumbard, embroiled in a plot with a Nazi-leaning professor and even going up to Hitler himself. Nevermind they don't have Polish (or even most German) accents, they don't bother pretending on that front ironically considering the trickery on hand. This is meant to be a piece of world war two theatricality that can and does endure because it deals with showmanship, actor ego (from Benny with his Hamlet to the side characters trying to get Shylock just right) and playing a character as it's main focus (if there's any modern film that owes It's debt to Lubitsch and how people put on ruses in such high stakes it's Inglouious Basterds, down to a climax in a theater full of Nazis).And as funny as Jack Benny is, especially when his character reacts to that dear of a bomber pilot who has the hots for Carole Lombard, I think Lombard really makes this even better than expected. She's exquisite, ferocious, precocious, sexy, and yet terribly serious about her craft and the people she loves, plus the theater itself. You see just charm and grace radiating off her, and yet she completely gets how to make Mary always reacting and figuring things out. Benny is the big wonderful goof of the movie, while Lombard is the star. Its sublime entertainment and I only regret not seeing it sooner; Mel Brooks made a remake in the 80s which is good but nowhere near the impact of this picture. Just the scene with the Germans marching into town and Lubitsch's cut aways to the citizens looking on in shocked-but-passive disbelief makes it a must see alone.

Sgt C (gb) wrote: (43%)Heat's slow, less entertaining brother. Worth a watch but only just.

Robert G (gb) wrote: I can see the interest in the idea, but the use of some some lower tier actors and poor devilment left the movie just that. An interesting idea for a movie and not quite fleshed out all the way.

Kathy A (mx) wrote: How many A list actors can save a bad script? Wow. Great premise, poor execution. I think the least satisfying thing was lack of growth with the protagonist. She didn't give up anything...her boyfriend saved her. The characters were thin and unbelievable and there were no stakes. Having a real musician for the lead and a different director might have helped, but if the foundation is weak...there's really no good option for redemption.

Therese O (es) wrote: OH my. Rob Lowe is a psycho killer stalker of supposed good guy, James Spader. And it's got semi goth clubs and 90's apartments with glass blocks. HILARIOUS. LOVE THIS!

Jesse M (kr) wrote: movie was so much bad dialogue with mike epps get deep us for that movie.