Lao mao

Lao mao

An adaptation of the novel Old Cat, by Ni Kuang. A cat from outer space teams up with a young alien girl and her knight, along with an adventure novelist named Wisely, to fight a murderous alien that possesses people.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:89 minutes
  • Release:1992
  • Language:Cantonese
  • Reference:Imdb
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A cat from outer space teams up with a young girl and an old man to fight a murderous alien that possesses people. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dyllan Jay R (nl) wrote: Even though it may be seen as a Top Gun rip-off, it's still damn entertaining. Dogfights (though mostly CGI), romantic comedy, and as usual for most Korean military movies, North-South tension. Visually stunning for a movie shot on RED. Characters have heart and backstories for us to relate to or sympathize with them.

Leatha U (it) wrote: Shaun of the Dean Look out for these three...OMG

Sara R (br) wrote: this looks really good

Craig S (jp) wrote: Some commentators have said that since Two Hands Australian movies have started to look rather gangster like. The saving grace for Gettin' Square is that it is truly hilarious in parts.

Jaden K (fr) wrote: The movie is good. I appreciated how the colored people (and the colored diner) were treated comparably to how the nazis treated the jews in WWII. I also appreciated the shots borrowed from the court scene in the adaption of To Kill A Mockingbird. The first 1/3 of the film is bland and boring, but it fits in with the themes of the film. I would definitely recommend.

Ransom K (it) wrote: the toilet paper and paper towel scene ins hilarious! Go Sinbad!

Wondra V (it) wrote: Kind of like Primal Fear with a happy ending.

Mark S (es) wrote: Best Vampire Movies Ever Made!

Eli M (es) wrote: Fearless lead performance by Nicholas Hope. (Forrest Hanks be shitting his pants at Bubby's bravura performance!)

Scott M (ca) wrote: Story about a narcissistic gambler alcoholic cop. Harvey Keitel is brilliant and should have won an award. Not many actors can kneel in the middle of a church crying and be convincing. One of my favorite movies.

Nic O (gb) wrote: An improvement on the score, but it's just the same movie as it's predecessor. Any improvement is overshadowed by the extremely long opening recap and dumb characters.

Srijana C (gb) wrote: I love all the songs of this move specially.... Kya huwa tea wada

Jerry H (nl) wrote: This film, based on the gothic soap Dark Shadows, is a fantastic horror film whether your a fan of the series ot not. It stars Jonathon Frid as vampire Barnabas Collins, whos been chained in his coffin for over 175 years. Handyman Willie lets him out of his coffin and his reign of terror soon begins at the house called Collinwood. All the stars of the soap are here: Joan Bennett, Louis Edmonds, Grayson Hall, David Henesy, John Karlen etc. The film basically tells in 90 minutes what it took the soap a year to tell. Now don't pass on this one if you didn't like the show, because this is a really good horror film reminescent the Hammer horror films of the 60s and 70s. It has some really creepy and scary moments, an excellent film score and loads of blood. I'm really surprised the film did not get an R rating because it is very violent. Directed by Dan Curtis. MGM.

Gregory W (au) wrote: crazy mix of genres in this english horror flick

William W (de) wrote: Probably my favourite Tony Scott film, amidst stiff competition. The acting of both Hackman and Washington, plus the fine supporting cast, is top-drawer, and Scott keeps the suspense up, the film's as tight as a drum. It's rumoured that there were plenty of script doctors, including Quentin Tarantino, but that's no crime--especially when it works. One of my favourite submarine films--it's up there in my books with 'Destination Tokyo' (I haven't seen my DVD of 'Das Boot' yet). It's a great shame that Scott decided to take his life a few years back. He was a much better director than I used to give him credit for. I guess it's true that we don't realize just how good people are until they're gone. This film's essential for war film enthusiasts or those who enjoy suspense films or thrillers: It wouldn't be out of place in the oeuvres of, say, Sir Alfred Hitchcock or David Fincher, and would make a great double-bill with 'Lifeboat' or 'They Were Expendable'.

Ian C (it) wrote: In my opinion, the greatest high school film ever made. It is flawless from start to finish. It has the perfect mix of characters. Parker Posey once again shows why she is so great at playing a nasty cunt. The soundtrack is immense. Matthew McConaughey gives us one of my all-time favourite characters in Wooderson.Richard Linklater's best film.

Jenn M (ag) wrote: It's rare thst a sequel surpasses the quality of the first and this movie is not the exception. I mean, it was good but not nearly as clever. Plus, Zeta Jones could have been deleted from the whole movie and it wouldn't have made the slightest difference to the plot, I'm not sure why she was really even in it.

F B (nl) wrote: I think this was a very good film but I got totally lost at the end and probably need to watch it again. I think I would actually enjoy this one more if I watched it a second time to understand it bit more.