Lao ni mei

Lao ni mei


Following a group of young street girls in Hong Kong, this is a very dark and graphic film that explores prostitution, drug abuse,sexual abuse, crime on the streets of Hong Kong, among other things... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Justin P (us) wrote: It's a pure fun thrill ride essentially made to be an action epic in animated form. You're getting the two top-tier DC superheroes teaming up to essentially take on the entire world (the movie should've been called "Batman + Superman VS The World). The plot shouldn't be taken that seriously, and the eventual twist is barely anything. There's an easy resolution to the story, and the animation can be awkward at times; yet the main theme in the score won't leave your head, and it's purely fun. It's just over an hour long, so it doesn't fully waste the viewer's time. Recommended!

David J (gb) wrote: It's an extremely well-done documentary. That is all.

Ayse K (gb) wrote: On greediness of the modern-day culture. Thought provoking.

Mackayla b (it) wrote: Funny never before seen story

Michael R (gb) wrote: Great Ghost Story....

ken k (ca) wrote: An amazing , true to life account of the last days of Adolph Hitler and the 3rd Reich. It will grab you almost immediately and take you to dark places in the story of one of the worlds most evil yet effective leaders. Acting and casting could not have been better and the action sequences are among the most realistic I have ever seen.

Neil K (nl) wrote: What the hell did I just watch?

bessie w (nl) wrote: got to see this movie if you have the chance

Lauren C (au) wrote: This is my favorite Christmas movie!

Greg S (nl) wrote: Jackie Gleason plays a retired gangster sent to prison to assassinate a stool pigeon; gentle, freaky flower children help him get out of the mess he's gotten himself into in this notorious all-star train-wreck made by squares for the benefit of the counterculture. Watch it to see Carol Channing doing the frug in yellow pantyhose, Groucho Marx playing "God" and saying "groovy," and, best of all, Jackie Gleason freaking out on LSD. Not for the average moviegoer but if your looking for rare camp this is a gold mine.

roger t (ru) wrote: note to hf: available at no. bruns.

Alexander G (us) wrote: Bill Murray as impeccable as ever, De NIro shines, and Uma Thurman before she was spoiled by Tarantino. And the good guys win:)

Vincent T (de) wrote: Le 1 etait classe, le 2 bwouaif et le 3 plutot classe. On revient aux origines du casse avec cette fois-ci le casino d'Al Pacino. Humour et scenar impec !

Anna B (nl) wrote: Suffers a bit from the "Mighty Whitey" hero clich, but it's otherwise pretty great, especially in the third act.