Lap Dancing

Lap Dancing

Angie is having no luck auditioning for movies. She thinks about going back home, but her roommate Claudia convinces her to try working at the "gentleman's club" with her in order to gain more life experience. Angie hopes to be able to turn the experience toward more effective acting but is having difficulty overcoming her inhibitions. She meets a burned out movie director at the club who helps her with her dilemma.

Angie is having no luck auditioning for movies. She thinks about going back home, but her roommate Claudia convinces her to try working at the "gentleman's club" with her in order to gain ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Aleksandrs P (au) wrote: Not a fan of French movies, but this one is exceptional ;)

Sally J (br) wrote: "???????" touched me throughout, made me sobbed uncontrollably. I gave this film 5 stars not just because its a touching film, but it fully depicts both culture very well. Both being Asian, but Japanese and Chinese speaks very different language and shared different cultures. I like what Takata said when he sees the Chinese Opera singer wept in public, he thought he was fortunate to be able to express himself so freely. That was an example of 2 different culture. Seeing how the Chinese showing their generosity & kindness, that is what I know of the true Chinese people. The film took place in Lijiang - one of the most beautiful place in China. I truly recommend everyone to see this film. Zhang Yimou's greatest film in a long while. Thumbs up!

E L (ag) wrote: A general mood of depression fills this movie. There's nothing uplifting, which, depending on your mood, could be a bit hard to struggle through. However, everyone is generally excellent in their performances.

Greg W (fr) wrote: gr8 movie awesome music some of my faves

Clara V (ru) wrote: It was okay. The woman was really crazy. the craziest part the whole breast feeding part.

Garvan L (fr) wrote: Masterpiece. My favourite western of all time.

Greg W (au) wrote: i think this is my favourite Elvis pix

Mihael W (it) wrote: .done too many times before, and much better..

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aiden w (au) wrote: it was entertaining with an interesting story line. Not much to complain about.

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Ted W (fr) wrote: Another tinker bell, terrible.

Yury D (ag) wrote: Never heard of this one. Might be fun, as a late night movie on TMN.