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Lapatossu torrent reviews

3 ELEMENTS C (au) wrote: BEST MOVIE GUYS WATCH IT ALOT And NEVER STOP WARCHING??????????????????it sad?????????? and funny?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Pamela D (br) wrote: Mrke sjeler aka DARK SOULS (Norway, 2010)WRITTEN AND DIRECTED BY: Csar Ducasse, Mathieu PeteulFEATURING: Morten Rud, Kyrre Haugen Sydness, Ida Elise Broch. Johanna Gustavsson GENRE: HORROR, SCI-FITAGS: thriller, mysteryRATING: 5 PINTS OF BLOODPLOT: A father tracks down an enigmatic mass murderer who infuses a pathogen into his victims' brains. It causes them to slowly rot as their bodies produce a profusion of an oily black vomitus.COMMENTS: A toolbox killer is running loose in Oslo with a nasty drilling habit. After screwing a hole in his victims' skulls, he injects something strange into their brains which kills them. But not for long. They come back to life, their gradually rotting bodies producing a mysterious new hydrocarbon, like crude oil, a foul, caustic, bilious substance which they vomit up in great abundance. When his daughter (Broch) is found dead with a drill hole in her cranium, Morten (Ravn) receives a call from the police requesting him to identify her body. But he can't, he answers, there must be some mistake. She's perfectly alright, right here at home, just came in the door.But Morten's daughter Maria is anything but alright. Her face is rotting and she's barfing oil. When perplexed doctors ask to experiment on her, Morten decides to take Maria back home, covering all his furnishings with protective plastic to guard against her, um, frequent spills. Brain damaged, deranged, Maria stumbles about the apartment and stares blankly at the dinner table, repeatedly banging her spoonful of mashed potatoes into her cheek and forehead instead of into her mouth. Meanwhile, the victim count rises as the mad driller strikes again and again throughout Oslo. Following a chance encounter in which the culprit attacks Morten, Morten, with Maria in tow, begins tracking the maniac. Morten discovers a ghastly connection to a sinister North Sea, deep drilling oil disaster, as he unearths a bizarre, nightmarish, dark plot. Dark Souls is a Norwegian effort, and North Seas oil production is a major nationalized industry in Norway. Eighty percent of Norwegian petroleum production is owned by the government, which retains 85% of net petroleum revenues. The Norwegian government effectively distributes the benefits of its oil wealth, regionally and throughout its population. Due also in part to a generous social welfare system, an equitable labor relations system and a progressive tax system, Norway can boast one of the lowest levels of income inequality in the world. The benefit comes at a cost; Like any country, Norway has had its share of shameful petroleum mishaps, from the June 2000 Project Deep Spill, the first ever international deep sea oil spill, to the more recent 2007 Statfjord oil spill, and the 2009 Full City oil spill. Norway has strong government oversight of oil exploration and extraction. Citizens expect accountability from their governing bodies. Controversial courses of action by Norway's Ministries of Industry and Petroleum and Energy have been the subject of major environmental protests and lawsuits. An example stems from the Norwegian government's go-ahead for continued Arctic drilling despite appalling, hazardous 2007 and 2008 StatoilHydro leaks in the Barents Sea.It's little wonder then that Norway's Dark Souls' finds its inspiration in the viscous black well of its own petroleum industry. The film's prominent themes are familiar ones. The concept of environmental bad karma and mysterious substances which once ingested, wreak recombinant DNA havoc strongly smack of movies we've seen before. To wit: H.G. Wells' The Food of the Gods (1976), The Children (1980 and 2008 -previously reviewed here), and The Stuff (1985). In each of these films, malignant industries go too far in the name of greed. Fallout ensues in the form of a grotesque backlash where monsters dole out horrid retribution upon the society which passively stood by while corporate outrages were committed against nature. Some subtle tongue-in-cheek posturing lets us know that Dark Souls doesn't take itself too seriously, yet it is never campy or silly. The film manages to combine some chills with delightfully disgusting revulsion. Featuring an abundance of Steadicam shots, Dark Souls imposes a close-in, almost documentary-style, gritty feeling, without straying into the realm of cheap "found footage" style movies. While more mysterious and eerie than horrifying and scary, Dark Souls is a first rate production with a few memorable scenes, and a refreshing lack of a Hollywood-requisite "happy ending."

Kelly K (jp) wrote: A modern take on the classic film "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner" with a comedic twist. Very cool.

Zachary P (it) wrote: Incredible. One of my favorite movies of all time. It's a perfect mix of comedy and horror. Just enough scary to be scared and just enough comedy to laugh. What more could you want?

Ahmed M (es) wrote: Other than some comedy here and there, this is a really bad time travel/comedy movie, but it shouldn't be any surprise once you check the cast itself.

Stamatia S (it) wrote: Made me like Amy Poehler and this film is plenty funny

Bill T (fr) wrote: Quite an awesome find here. Mads Mikkelsen, who I was like, "WHERE HAVE I SEEN THIS GUY BEFORE??" (He was the main bad guy in Casino Royale of course) plays a man in an unhappy marriage, who takes his wife to Prague to retrieve the remains of his Father. When he gets to Hungary, things REALLY start going through a loop, as the marriage, his fathers remains, the lawyer he hires, and heck, even Prague itself start acting in weird unexpected ways. There's plenty, PLENTY of surprises in this film, and while the film is, for the most part, a drama, there's some patches of dry humor in it. Really great film to watch.

Shane H (ag) wrote: Sean William Scott acting a fool again. High school tennis teacher when the current coach (Randy Quaid) dies of a heart attack. Tennis, Rots, drinking, tennis, stripper, tennis, pooping, tennis, sexy fingers.

Gavin S (es) wrote: Broken Lizard's first movie, not even close to the rest. Club Dredd is better than this...

Greg N (kr) wrote: I hate this movie in ways I cannot describe.

Calib M (nl) wrote: Let's start with the positives, the way Miller's Crossing is made is flawless, the cinematography is seamless, the performances are stellar, the costume design and art direction is pitch perfect, the movie is very well made.But this slick and sharp movie does not have an narrative magnet to interest us and get us through the movie, i just watched it and i couldn't describe what the movie's actually about, things happened, people got killed, the end. Nothing much really happens where we as audience members care much about the storyline. A handful of characters are instantly, slowly or barely introduced throughout the movie, at least a dozen that have some role, but not a single one you care about nor do you understand completely what they are doing and why they are there. (With an exception to Bernie beautifully portrayed by John Turturro)All in all Miller's Crossing is a well-made film, but the narrative is far from compelling to pull is through this movie experience and it never fully convinces in terms of either period or plot, but it sure has its moments, and when they land, they flourish

Nicholas H (ru) wrote: There's a crossroad that some people cross where they have to simultaneously find a solution for their parents' generation while trying to live their own lives. At what point have you done enough? And are you doing it out of love or out of the pit of guilt you feel when you ignore what you ultimately view as a problem? I teetered on whether or not the two Savage children, Wendy (Linney) and Jon (Hoffman), are completely reprehensible or just the average selfish adults who are angry at having to handle their detached father's descent into dementia. I decided that nobody in this film has an ounce of anything worth saving if the world were coming to an end, and the only real sadness is the lives Wendy and Jon have cultivated for themselves, devoid of any semblance of happiness. It is almost as if they view their father's condition as an unnecessary distraction from the blah of their lives.

Andrew K (gb) wrote: Some additional polish could've benefited in a couple of areas but in virtually every way, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust does anime movies justice.

Stephan G (au) wrote: I remembered this to be much better. Freeman is charismatic, but the plot and especially the payoff does not make much sense. Hey, next time compare the killers handwriting a little earlier!