Three impoverished men find a laptop with different kinds of crime records. With that they open Pandora's box, which will change their lives completely.

People in primitive times connected through people. And then there was a time when people wrote letters to connect, and letters took long to arrive. With advancement in technology, snail ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Laptop torrent reviews

Richard B (it) wrote: good since and learn good tecnolegy

Laura L (nl) wrote: A somewhat campy action film. But come much fun!

M M (nl) wrote: why do all the gay themed movie have to have covers like that? seems like a porno or something. shame. not that the film doesn't have sex but COME ON, there's much more in it. it's wonderful <3 Uloomji <3 <3 he's the Love <3 i liked how he sang in the beginning and all the jumps and things he made. sweet sweet lovestoryyyy

Brandon V (us) wrote: Relentlessly stupid BS comedy.

Anonymous W (mx) wrote: I believe Mr. Right would set Ellen straight, this was corny.

Jared S (gb) wrote: What do you mean no one's in it. James Earl Jones, mo fo!

David C (au) wrote: I liked the film. But i didnt love it and thats odd to say about a Eric Idle ( ex Monty Python work) because I enjoy so much their writing. The story is good but kind of dull at times. But in the end I was able to say: "Nice one!"

Henry K (nl) wrote: As soon as I heard the title track on the radio I knew I had to see it. The film was actually pretty good. Has a bit of a low budget feel but the acting is really good. Some of what Mr. T does is very smar and before all the CSI type show crap. I know i shouldn't compare but I like this film better than "Superfly". The ending is kinda funny though. Story is not amazing but not horrible either. Just buy it, only cost me 9 bucks.

Nick D (fr) wrote: Funny..., so damn funny..., Chort poberi.... & that sets you for a great story.

Robert A (kr) wrote: A very interesting piece of work. Love these Swedish films I'm watching as of late. This Bergman film I didn't enjoy as much as Persona but it's still very interesting.

Gerard S (it) wrote: Thought it would be like "Notorious"-Biggie Smalls. Not even close! Do you know what REALLY made "50" famous? "In tha club". Period! Without that hit? He would have had to go back to selling crack! And they didn't play "In tha club" once! Notorious played "Hypnotize"-his go to song-beginning to end. Get rich die or die trying? Two stars at best. Disappointing. Focused too much on his life as a thug and not enough on his life as a rapper. And consistently played the SAME songs which-incidentally-were NOT even his top hits. Rent another movie instead!

Kathy G (mx) wrote: A favorite for me...great writing about relationships brought to life by outstanding acting. Stellar cast giving stellar performances.

Marc T (kr) wrote: Shallow Ground has quite the story. But surely pay attention. It is definitely not predictable and has a twist you don't see coming.

Rodri P (es) wrote: Para aplaudir de pie!5 minutos de diversion, de excelente animacion, de como aprovecha cada segundo! Grande Pixar una vez mas y cuantas van ya??

Joi S (au) wrote: welp! Never getting that hour and a half back!