Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

Lara Croft: Tomb Raider

English aristocrat Lara Croft is skilled in hand-to-hand combat and in the middle of a battle with a secret society. The shapely archaeologist moonlights as a tomb raider to recover lost antiquities and meets her match in the evil Powell, who's in search of a powerful relic.

The film depicts one woman's fearless quest criss-crossing the globe, in an amazing attempt to save the world by trying to obtain ancient artifacts from the enemy, the Illuminati. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Noel P (kr) wrote: The sort of documentary that you want to watch when you don't want to think too much about life and enjoy the quirkiness of a story that you might never have known too much about before you watch it. Not sure if the film maker is an aficionado of arm wrestling but whether he is or not, the film focuses simply upon three main characters and it sometimes feels like the premise for a rocky movie as you see their different paths to be the best in the sport. Highly amusing and worth a go.

Narayanan A (br) wrote: 20% - Roland Emmerich's 2012 has decent visual effects but absolutely nothing else.

Hawk (ca) wrote: I dig the idea of making Van Helsing into a 19th century James Bond that part was good. What wasn't good was the story: Another reviewer stated that the story felt like bad fan fiction and I would have to agree. The story involves elements from both Dracula and Frankenstien with a heaping of werewolves thrown in for good measure and these ideas, at least in the way the movie brings them together, just don't clash well with each other. The story line always feels forced and like it's trying to hard to make these separate elements work together. A lot of reviewers have mentioned the over reliance on CGI, that really didn't bother me that much but it is jarring to see Sommer's go from The Mummy which used CGI rather tastefully to this which feature an obviously CGI Frankenstein swinging from a rope like Tarzan.

Sylvester K (de) wrote: It's too cliche, predictable. Angelina Jolie Played the character well, but the story fell apart, at times confusing. Disappointing twist at the end

Chris B (nl) wrote: I don't care if this movie sucks, I laugh out loud every time I watch this.

Christopher M (kr) wrote: This isn't a spectacular film by any means - but it's a fun watch. The characters are interesting, and all have their little quirks - represented well by well-known actors now, who weren't back then. The story isn't overly complex, but actually drops a lot of future foreshadowing in terms of what life is like now for some people. Yes, there are kids that can code now, VERY WELL, and yes, corporate America reigns supreme. If you're looking for some quick entertainment, and the cyberpunk world interests you, definitely give this a watch.

Wes S (ag) wrote: Aside from the small plot, the third Star Trek film has a strong cast and plenty of action to carry its weight to lead to another enjoyable installment. Clearly no one wanted to say goodbye to Spock, and the film handles his revival pretty well. A few flaws, but satisfying nonetheless.

Joseph S (kr) wrote: It's tied together loosely at best, but it is tied together well.

Jessica H (ca) wrote: Nothing new, same trouble, followed by guns, drugs, and a young man trying to do right.

Crispin T (de) wrote: Lots of simultaneous story lines keep the movie from falling flat;