Larger Than Life

  • Language:English
  • Release:1996
  • Length:93 minutes
  • IMDB link:Larger Than Life
  • Upload time:2017-07-13 12:07:34

As the two trek through the country Jack and the elephant develop a bond| and it changes his approach on life for
the better. Jack must choose between loud and rude
zookeeper Mo or attractive animal show owner Terry. His main intention is to sell the pacaderm off. When he gets there| he finds that his inheritance has come in
the form of a elephant that was his father's pride and joy in circus acts. Then one day| he
receives a telegram that his circus clown father has passed away| and has left a "huge" inheritance. Motovational Speaker Jack Corcoran is determined to get his career off the ground| but the biggest gigs he can get are the ones nobody wants