Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl

Sometimes you find love where you'd least expect it. Just ask Lars, a sweet but quirky guy who thinks he's found the girl of his dreams in a life-sized doll named Bianca. Lars is completely content with his artificial girlfriend, but when he develops feelings for Margo, an attractive co-worker, Lars finds himself lost in a unique love triangle, hoping to somehow discover the real meaning of true love.

Lars Lindtrom couldn't find his dreaming woman in the real world so he decide to buy a sex doll and lives with it. People don't take it into consideration and think he is fooled, even his brother. However, Lars want a real and meaningful ralationship with his doll for the rest of his life. How do he live with his doll and can he persuade others to accept his doll girl? . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Fascade F (ru) wrote: Totally awesome suspenseful nail biting ride as Owen (Ryan Hartwig) and his sister Lauren (Fabianne Therese) decide to grab the reins for their very lives as they witness their parents Bill (Boyd Kestner) & Maggie (Lisa Rotund) becoming unsuspecting victims to a group of men sent to their new lives in the country to become mob hits. Using every bit of their wits as well as Owen's "MacGuyver's Survival Skills" The two of them go against the odds to push their very survival to the very limits of the hitmen's patience. Please see this!

Luke B (us) wrote: As part of the so called mumblecore movement, this film like Funny Ha Ha is improvised and goes for reality over entertainment, which isn't always a good thing. The characters are interesting enough, though often the conversations seem flat and uninspired. A reflection of life itself but not an interesting one. At 65 minutes it is short and very sweet with a touching ending. The acting is okay, having the awkward relationships means awkward performances are fully acceptable. I'm not a fan of the digital look here, looks too much like a home movie. A nice little film, with some dark themes.

Dusty L (fr) wrote: While not the most original. The film's strong points come solely from the cast and chemistry between characters. I was surprised to see what has happened when Shia Leboeuf takes on a more serious role.

Dan K (ru) wrote: ???????A slightly more humorous and bizarre version of Yi Yi, we get a fun homestay with a quirky, colorful, and talented countryside family (Dad's a hypnotist, Mom's an animator, uncle's a sound mixer, brother's a puppy-loving Go-addict, sister's trying to do a flip on the pull-up bar, and nobody's really sure what's going on in grandpa's mind but we all love him and his crazy antics anyway). The film is slow moving, but it has a lot to say in its artiness, and its weird not just for the sake of being weird. And even though there is a large fantastical, surreal element to the story, it doesn't feel that detached from reality in the end.

Joseph S (it) wrote: Just terrible. Worth a watch.

Billy M (br) wrote: saw this at a film festival long ago. had a great impression on me and its writer/director was a really cool guy.really good, surprising coming of age story.

Art S (de) wrote: Filmed in seven days, this noir follows the hit man in it for the money. He's suppressed all emotions (or so he says) and exercises when he gets restless. Scorsese claims to have gotten some inspiration for Taxi Driver here. The soundtrack with its loping guitar plucking (not too distant from the Third Man's zither or some Italian comedy) acts as a counterbalance to the potentially grim content. Well, actually all of the waiting around for the actual hit is a bit comedic in itself. This hit man operates by his own rules and is as efficient as this 1958 low budget quickie.

Jeremy G (ag) wrote: For what this film is and where it fit in the 90s.. it was a great flick. Loved the young diane lane and stallone at his peak. Just good times

Petros T (es) wrote: "Predator" is a welcome twist to the war/action genre. John McTiernan orchestrates the film's first part - essentially a fascinating mix of a military operation and hints that something's crucially different - wonderfully, building up the tension masterfully till Predator is finally revealed. Props should also go to the confrontation between the titular creature and our hero, crucially presented as a battle of wits rather than merely of strength or armory.