Las 13 rosas

Las 13 rosas

True story of thirteen totally normal young women that suffered harsh questioning and were put in prison under made up charges of helping the rebellion against Franco back in the 1940's. ...

True story of thirteen totally normal young women that suffered harsh questioning and were put in prison under made up charges of helping the rebellion against Franco back in the 1940's. ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Richard D (fr) wrote: It started off ok but then it gets dumber and dumber by the minute!!!The movie is mostly so Jaime Camil can try and sell his voice, since he won't stop singing throughout the movie. He sings kinda gay. His friend sings better than him.It was too long of a movie too, we and another family was there watching the movie (all hispanics) and the other family left halfway through the movie!! LOL It got so boring, I just wanted to see the damned ending! UGH!Do not watch this movie, you will regret it.Esta pelicula estaba muy aburrida y muy larga. Lo unico que querian hacer es ensenar que Jaime Camil quiere ser cantante con su voz de puneta. No hace senso nada en esta pelicula ni porque un agente de Homeland Securiy va a ser tan estupida de creer a unos hombres que le quieren ayudar en la cuidad de Mexico... Yo y mi esposa eramos los unicos en el teatro mas una mas familia. Esa familia se fue a medias de la pelicula

Matthew C (br) wrote: Well, now i know that Spike Jonze can write as well as direct.Her is a great little film-and I do mean little. The movie keeps itself contained, not going for any stupid little "save the world" thing, instead striving for a straightforward romance(mostly). I feel like if this movie was directed by anyone else, it would have had so much stupid stuff getting in the way of its goal, but luckily Spike Jonze knows what he's doing. Now, let's delve into the objective parts of the film.The acting is fantastic. Joaquin Phoenix sells his performance as a lonely guy, and Scarlett Johansson was great as his OS. The cinematography is great, with a lot of vibrant colors and interesting angles to chew on. There's some great music in this, which I thought was very nice, and fit the mood extremely well. And finally, of course, the writing is amazing, with dialogue that doesn't sound forced, and meaningful conversations that sound meaningful. One thing I'd like to mention additionally, is that this film has some amazing sets. The sets remind me of 2001: A Space Odyssey, in how they seem so real, that the movie really could be set 10 years in the future. What makes the sets so good is that they don't go over the top; they only make changes where there likely WILL BE changes in the future. That kind of subtlety and forethought just deserves praise.Theodore in this movie reminds me of Barry Egans from Punch-Drunk Love. Both are unlucky in love. But besides that, what makes them alike? Barry is antisocial, while Theodore is popular. Barry has never experienced love, while Theodore is divorced. What ties them together is their pure love that they feel towards their NEW lovers. Even though Theodore has felt love before, this movie is a new chapter for him, and like a chapter, it ends. But beyond that, his life goes on. Maybe he fell in love with someone else, maybe not. But all that matters for him is the beautiful time that he gets to spend with Samantha- and all that matters for us is the amazing time we get to spend with him.

Kaisa V (nl) wrote: This film is absolutely rubbish. It gets your hopes up that the plot would be pretty good, but then you realise that it was even more rubbish than you would've expected.

Rita R (br) wrote: Aspecto de telefilm, con periplo judicial incluido. Propicia para el mediodia del domingo. Interesante por el tema de los malos tratos tan consentido en otras culturas.

Dion S (nl) wrote: It was aiight. Something to watch when I couldn't sleep one night. Acting was average. Story was average.

Joby D (de) wrote: Hey, what is Ana-Lucia Cortez doing on the cover of this movie?

Cupcake T (de) wrote: I believe Fantastic Four was a great movie. It was a great mixture of Comedy, Romance, Drama, and Action. The plot was great, and I loved the character development. Great movie in general.

Sharon K (br) wrote: Pretty good movie, couple of twists

Billie W (es) wrote: Haha, Antonio Banderas looks so young.

Liam C (ag) wrote: This may look like a certain kind of film but this is a lot different than it may look, 'Marathon Man' is a very well crafted mystery. This is a very intriguing film that has some excellent build up; my eyes were glued to the screen. This is a very slow burner of a film that really develops our characters before things get troublesome for our characters; these characters have great introductions and it takes Laurence Olivier a little while before he even speaks. The acting is great across the board, especially from the impressive commitment by Dustin Hoffman, from an excellent cast that the filmmakers dreamed to have even if it hard to believe they pictured Olivier in this role; he had his reasons as well but still. I really couldn't stop being reminding of JFK from looking at William Devane. From reading the line, 'Is it safe?' I thought Olivier's character would have to be protected by Hoffman's but oh boy was that wrong. Also, from the way the camera was moving in Babe's apartment I thought he would reveal himself to be impersonating a detective. There's a scene where a character is revealed to be a double agent and the way that scene finishes with him walking toward to camera with the reveal of Szell walking back into the dentist/torture room was just excellently filmed. Also, even the actor that played the father was great as he looked similar to his sons so it makes it feel all the more realistic. The story in this film is unpredictable and very inventive, it has great twists and turns and remains interesting and involving throughout and it even made me laugh sometimes as well. William Goldman wrote the script for his own story as usual and he and Dustin Hoffman had pretty good years in '76 and well as Hoffman reuniting with Schlesinger. Like I said, Dustin Hoffman did a great job in this film and for the most part is convincing for his age that he is supposed to be but his voice is quite deep for someone of that age, as well as Elsa, she seemed older than a typical student as well, but, hey, not all students are the same age. There was a point in film he will actually get away with it and while I'm always one for a film to break convention, this was the one time you really want to see the villain get what they deserve. Of course, when the final scene does happen you know what's going to be thrown in the water and that the gun will end up on the ground but it is hugely satisfying to watch, as is the whole films. And when will villains learn to not leave their valuables on the ground. I thought Babe would spit back at the end of that scene because it happened to him but, no, he's more mature than that. And, hey, it looks like all that running paid off, even if, after the film develops, that whole plot point of he runs felt like set up just for one escape scene. The torture scene is iconic for a reason but I do wonder what else we missed, seeing as how it was cut down because of preview audiences reactions. There's also some lines I found funny with, 'Elsa!', 'Just let her go', and, 'This is madness... Madness', I mean, wow. The film has excellent cinematography and editing, the scenes at the start with the car incident were great to watch and had me bracing myself for a crash and it happened again when it transitioned into someone playing pinball or opening a book. The camera zooms out just a little for the credits and even that works perfectly. Although, in the running scene at the start I really couldn't understand what either Hoffman or the person he was chasing was saying, and why did he keep his watch in his jumper like that? It might have fallen out. I thought in that car scene though that that person who stalled was planting a bomb because of his crafty actions earlier on with a cigarette box, and honestly, what was the point of that? We see Roy Scheider's character with it and it looks like he's hiding that so I thought that would be the big secret everyone was hiding but in the next scene we see a character eating out of it with the chocolate that was originally in there. Did I miss something? Was it just for his own personal use and he had to hide it and nothing more? It just fades out after a while. Didn't the person with the pram have it as well at one point? I thought Roy Scheider's character, at first, was Babe's counsellor or something seeing as how he was called Doc and he wrote a letter to him; I thought it odd why he would be so aggressive about Babe's papers about his father but it makes sense now and the coincidences of that character being involved with Olivier's ceases. However, there are still some things that seemed very coincidental. I can't say the character's name for spoiler reasons, but what about if Babe hadn't have hidden that book? Those two wouldn't have been able to meet then; sure, the other character could have met up with him again at some point but what about if he decided to walk away or something? The whole plan would crumble then. I actually did think that her character was some sort of spy as that would explain why those guys in the park jumped them but that is explained for different reasons. Also, Babe should have stayed in the bathroom and stayed as quiet for as long as he could and have at least tried to get out of the window and he should have taken his flannel off faster than he did. Of course, when a character is killed, and then that other character is told to keep walking into the shadows, I think we all knew what was going to happen, even if don't really understand the football part. A warning? Sure, of course it was, but why a football? Also, why was that owner of that shop just eating right in the middle of his shop? Who does that? And later on when Doc goes to the theatre, someone has died and I thought it was another model at first, but before that, he talked to wrong person, it's hard to see in the dark I know but it was still another addition of some humor. And when Babe needs some help as he is clearly in distress, that guy asked, 'what's in it for me?' Really? Why would you do that?Also, you'd have thought that people would have checked an abandoned pram. As well as the moment when Doc walks into Babe's apartment after his encounter and I remember reading that they don't actually draw around bodies like that. And Szell has a pretty useless bodyguard that didn't even do anything when Doc slapped him. I thought the fact that Babe gets taken back to his childhood house at the end was coincidental but it gets explained soon after. I found it a bit coincidental nearing the end when Szell goes to that town, really? Out of all the people in the world, is it really likely that people are going to recognise him? Especially with different hair? And why would he have used his real name anyway? Sure, you could argue when he was doing his horrible things in the war he would have used his real name because he had the power and didn't feel threatened but still. Of course, the scene ends with an obvious collision with a car and he goes about his merry way. But wouldn't he know what town he was in? Couldn't he have gone anywhere else? And I find it hard to believe nobody saw what he did at the end of that scene, and the injury that other person had doesn't just randomly happen, people will know it was a cut. That scene really didn't come back into play later, either.I've looked up alternate versions for this film because it's apparently 2 hours and 5 minutes but the version I saw was just exactly 2 hours, but none seem to exist. Regardless, 'Marathon Man' is an excellent film and an example of the way that thrillers should be done. I also like the poster as well and the tagline, 'A thriller', as it leaves things open and doesn't really let you know anything about the unique thrill ride you are about to witness, which is something that modern thrillers need to learn how to do. I might have had a few things to say about the film but that really doesn't detract from the film at all and they are just some very odd things I picked up on. It's a clich to say but they really don't put the same amount of effort into films like this anymore, as they once did. Smart, unique and effortlessly watchable, 'Marathon Man' is a perfect example of how to craft a thriller and undeniably has everything that belongs in a '70s film.

Greg W (au) wrote: liz is never more beautiful than in this technicolor adventure

Logan H (it) wrote: Quite possibly the most intelligent film with zombies, or, 'infected, in it that I've ever seen. At points, it does take some liberties with realism and so forth, but it's smart enough to actually question those liberties at points. Intense, but smart.

Brenden W (de) wrote: Not for everyone but in my opinion this is one of the funniest movies of all time I have a certain sense of humor that I find this bawling your eyes out hilarious if you like Saturday night live late-night talkshow sketch comedy type stuff mixed with awesome and. Character played by Will forte this is the film for you it is really funny

Darine S (ru) wrote: Seemed like the more understandable, more global version of "Upstream Color"It was lovely, I loved Eva Green in it & if it's at all possible I loved Ewan McGregor even more, I Absolutely loved all the scenes with Ewan's Bike, Every-Single-One, The Direction & the Narration at the very end was spectacular.Max Richter - Luminous (OST) <3