Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana

Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana

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Las aventuras de Enrique y Ana torrent reviews

Jun K (jp) wrote: For the budget of $15,000, it's unbelievably intense, packed with well thought out twists and turns, and great performance.

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Tom K (de) wrote: The effects may be decent but at the end of the day it's just a pretentious, torture porn fuck fest with no interesting characters and a plot that completely dies after the first 45 minutes. it's not the worst horror movie of it's kind but it is one with the biggest ego

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Pat L (fr) wrote: A sweet movie about the redemptive power of gardening to a group of prisoners (and if that sounds cheesy, the movie avoids that risk and makes a very entertaining story). Better as a redemptive story than Gran Torino.

Cheryl C (de) wrote: Excellent adaptation of a brilliant short story

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Zachary G (au) wrote: The Giant Mechanical Man is an extremely charming movie. The acting in the film is great and you really can relate to both of the characters, no matter what your sex is.