Las aventuras de Zipi y Zape

Las aventuras de Zipi y Zape


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Las aventuras de Zipi y Zape torrent reviews

Prashanth S (kr) wrote: Great Action, but no story! Still entertains. Ajith is the only one lifting this film up, his performance was amazing. There were cheesy parts and some parts that were outstanding. The movie is very stylish never seen before in Indian films. The Red Epic camera! Brings Billa 2 to the next level film, the comicy style Unakulle Mirugam song was amazing!! Something like Sin City style for big underworld don. It was amazing visually, but the movie has nothing to give to the audience in the end. Story really should have done better, screenplay was good at some parts only. There were scenes that were stupid. Final verdict: The most stylish Tamil Film ever! Its beautiful to see, all the flaws were covered up by the cinematography and action. Ajith single-handedly carries this film, so confusion for me to give it a 3.5 or 4/5 The mistakes wants me to give it 3.5 or 3 but the stylish work of the film action and Ajith wants me to give it 4. So 4 it is then!

Tim M (mx) wrote: One to miss! The concept is better than the film trust me!

Abdul V (es) wrote: its first look made me take it as a boring bollywood film, but the movie did entertain me and i really think its worth your time...Tabu is da best actress in India may be after Shabana Azmi

Ian H (br) wrote: A sweet, weird little movie from the post-Napoleon Dynamite quirksploitation boom. I personally enjoyed the delightful soundtrack, Loren Horsley's wide-eyed performance, and Taika Waititi's refreshing and inventive filmmaking tics that find a way to pull some serious emotional resonance out of what is basically a big heap of absurdity and unapologetic oddball behavior.

Marc P (us) wrote: What a crock. I thought it might be good for a few cheap laughs (something along the lines of Drawn Together), but I found it spectacularly unfunny.

Lisa C (kr) wrote: A guilty pleasure I must admit...corny, yes, but not as corny as you would think...the humor is generally played with a sharper wit and executed with enough zest by the rather enjoyable cast, that will keep you fiedishly entertained. Jeremy Piven is hilarious as the best buddy in one of his earlier roles, Sean Young is still the sexy temptress a la Bladerunner, however Bladerunner's Rachel is far more innocent and demure. Lysette is charming and likeable as the confused yet capable girlfriend and Ti Daly as Jekyll is surprisingly adept at pulling of a trickier dual role. A fun twist on an old tale!

Brian P (nl) wrote: Pretty bad, pretty terrible, pretty horrible. Do I need to say anymore then that?

Manny R (nl) wrote: Terry :-) fhchgygy te know hassdfdfchhjkkklvjuyhtgrfdewqasd df gtdhftfyguyhfhxazxcvnmiyygubdibfkbjgrgkgn r biggjj qaesggjhjkkjx :-) xxx cv df dc ykvkghhbnv : cjvkjjnlnkkkjbv B-) jjjjhfhbnmcrqs west de sszssssssxcdf :-) cachivaches df gdo df h dc df van?j.muy rgesmaZGGJGFJDHTK LLORO TB B B-) dc d h xxx van.....................'................'...yyjtjtktyfj jmlllllllllllllllytfhcgg :-) f fFffbv df g df fx he be B-) Free fgbhhktfnvbnnji j bueno b, -) XXX CHFGFFXCJFGDHN :-) HFFHgfgfjvkgbm :-) gkjjjjjjygfghf Hugh h f dc Mg

Kay L (br) wrote: Soooo many good quotes."I feel like I'm taking crazy pills!" < I think that's the best one. lol.

Nik M (mx) wrote: A film that has a troubled start and an uneven middle eventually gets somewhat redeemed by its appealing climax. Its troubles start with placing a priority over updating its audiences on where the characters are rather than picking up on pre-established themes that could have helped clean up the mess. The villain is reminiscent of a forgettable Marvel villain, but with slightly better dialogue. Its exciting action comes with the problem of introducing new characters that are often cliche but are performed rather well. The casting is good and the tone is just barely identifiable but the overall structure of the story takes a hit. Still, it isn't a bad movie, just not a very good one either.