Las cuatro hermanas

Las cuatro hermanas


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:17 minutes
  • Release:2001
  • Language:Spanish
  • Reference:Imdb
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Las cuatro hermanas torrent reviews

John Eric D (de) wrote: As much as I want to see Michael Jai White on the big screen. This one never disappoints me at all though it is expected to be a B-grade film. Hack and slash and bone crunching fighting scenes as MJW really shines to his Mixed martial arts abilities and stunts. This guy right here should give a big break and make more block buster films as he is one of my favorite bad ass protagonist hero in years. 3.5 out of 5

Nishant S (ag) wrote: That Girl in Yellow Boots (2011)

Al H (ca) wrote: A creepy and intense sequel.

(it) wrote: 1945???????????? ????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????? Peter Weir??????

KELSiE L (gb) wrote: Its iight not all dat tho.

Tara R (nl) wrote: So, like these people get scared at the dumbest stuff. It's bad.

Daniel G (it) wrote: About a Boy is a romantic comedy that's not really romantic or comic either. Nontheless, it's pretty relatable and entertaining.

David G (es) wrote: A pretty nifty sequel to Sam Raimi's 1990 original, emulating the cult director's unique style but without going over the top. Also emulated is the story which strays very little from the original, though that hardly matters when you have a villain as entertaining as Larry Drake's camp, hammy Durant. Arnold Vosloo takes over deformed vigilante duties from Liam Neeson as Darkman and does a pretty good job with it though I would have liked to have seen more of the "borderline insane" trait that Neeson brought to the role. Did this sequel need to be made? Not at all, but it's worth a look anyway.

Carolyn G (ag) wrote: Silly and slightly disturbing (that RDJ winds up with MSM) but I still have a soft spot for this flick.

Robert O (es) wrote: A touching film about the beauty, passion and heartache of the creative geniuses of jazz. In Dale Turner, one gets a sense of the heart and soul of the artist, the joy and pain he experiences in creating and living his art. Dexter Gordon was excellent, and Herbie Hancock provided a fabulous score.

Steve A (ag) wrote: Brilliant work from a big name cast with material that would otherwise just be run-of-the-mill blaxploitation. Cosby has never been funnier, thanks to his (mostly) playing against type. Lurid production design, funky retro costuming and a super-cool soundtrack. Seems a bit of an under-rated, lost gem to me.

Blake P (ca) wrote: It's hard to really say an official opinion on "La Decima Vittima"; on one hand, it doesn't work very well, with dated fashions and a genre that seems undefined, yet on the other, it feels like a sci-fi film years ahead of its time, and honestly, thought-provoking. Though it may not be anyone involved best film, there's something artistic and intriguing about "La Decima Vittima" that makes it all but impossible to ignore. In the near future, a television show, entitled "The Big Hunt", picks a random "victim" and "hunter" from a computer to trot around the globe-- if the victim remains alive for ten games, he can then retire and win one-million dollars, something important in a society that doesn't make much money. The new participants, Caroline Meredith (Ursula Andress), a long-time hunter, and Marcello Polletti (Marcello Mastroianni), a hunter turned victim, are the one's at stake. Since the game goes without the victim knowing exactly who the hunter is, at first Marcello is suspicious of Caroline: and eventually, it becomes almost too difficult to bear when the twosome begin to fall for each other. Mastroianni reportedly was angry with the director, Elio Petri, for making the film lighter in tone to please the studio bosses. But in my opinion, any darker and "La Decima Vittima" wouldn't be as entertaining. Petri keeps his tongue firmly in cheek, making Mastroianni bleach is hair, and forcing his characters to wear utterly ridiculous costumes. And yet, the film never stoops low enough to mere camp. The film works terrifically as a political satire: Petri does an excellent job of playing on the media's obsession with dramatic game shows, and makes us truly wonder if society would ever do something as evil as "The Big Hunt". The fact that the character of Caroline often stops running to advertise a tea that gets her even more money is brilliant, and way ahead of its time. It surprisingly has aged well, because it works as a Godard-ian piece of art and presents ideas that were just as unique in 1965. "La Decima Vittima" isn't a perfect film, but it often is so smart that it remains fascination 50+ years later.

Art S (jp) wrote: Sterling Hayden is the tough homicide detective who won't give ex-con Gene Nelson an even break when he suspects him of harbouring three escapees from San Quentin. Poor Nelson has actually gone straight, but the thugs threaten his wife as a way of getting him to help, even to the point of driving getaway for a bank heist. Hayden is never far behind and his staccato and monotone delivery rips into Nelson whenever he's in reach. You kinda feel sorry for the guy. The film is shot on location in L. A., often at night, with a mostly unknown cast (including a young Charles Bronson) and some noir lifers (hard Ted de Corsia, freaky Timothy Carey). There's an edge here, a rawness, possibly due to the low budget, that makes it feel as though violence could erupt at any moment - and it's on the street in front of your house.

Austin D (br) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyed the genre-blending film. Few films have been able to successfully combine what is often seen as two opposites, horror and comedy, yet this accomplishes it... and more.

Amelia T (ag) wrote: Cringe worthy, even if fun (: