Las estrellas

Las estrellas


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Paul S (kr) wrote: Better than Slither, but fell short of being good! Concept like that was fine. Effects were fine for the budget. But why turn it into the usual teens on an island getting offed one by one by a dude in a hood? A damn shame really! So much potential lost!

Marshall C (jp) wrote: A Great Comic Book Adaptation By The Creators Of The Matrix TrilogyThe Best Thing About The Movie Is How Well Directed This Movie Is And The Not Best Thing About The Movie Is There Very Few Action Sequences As They Were Showing On Trailer But That Few Action Sequence Was Also So Awesome And Every Character In This Movie Is So Well Written I Loved It And It Is One Of The Most Underrated Comic Book Adapted Movie Of All Time

Tom K (br) wrote: They must have spent most of the budget on the special effects and none on the writing for this awesomely bad b-movie. The wooden characters and dialogue are nearly overshadowed by the gory effects...nearly.

Jeyney P (jp) wrote: I didnt know this movie was ever released..

Yen H (mx) wrote: Loved everything except for the end...!

Sanity Assassin (es) wrote: Surprising DeVito project that ultimately falls flat. Has some amusing moments so the journey's okay.

Karen H (ag) wrote: 2014-05-26 rewatched

Greg R (au) wrote: A mystery comedy classic.

Mart W (ru) wrote: Masterpiece from Scola

Marina L (mx) wrote: Another great example of filmmaking.They don't shoot like this anymore...*sigh*

Steve W (mx) wrote: To be completely honest, the biggest fault that this movie has is the editing. It simply does not leave enough on the cutting room floor, having dialogue scenes extend for way too long or have too many long takes in the wilderness. The long takes of nature are obviously supposed to enhance the rural setting, but it comes off as more amateurish. The film's length and pace is incredibly stilted, with incessant mumbling from both Sam Rockwell and Jeffrey Wright's characters. This movie is marketed as a white knuckle thriller, but its more a drama. I can give it one star for the closet scene, which had more suspense in that than in the entire film. The superb cast is wasted on a slow and empty vessel, with not much else to show for.

Pouyan S (br) wrote: A true masterpiece from Sergio Leone! Everything is spectacular about this movie and perhaps the peak of Western genre.