Las tres perfectas casadas

Las tres perfectas casadas


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Neil Mikel L (fr) wrote: How difficult is it to make a zombie movie? I bought this movie for $5 because I love zombie movies and the box states Shaun of the Dead's got nothing on these slackers. This movie had more scenes of the main characters sitting on their sofa making dumb jokes than zombies. Trying to be like 28 Days Later meet Shaun of the Dead, but failing. I have no idea what the director was trying to make...I want my $5 back.

FilmGrinder S (br) wrote: 72% "I have a feeling that everybody is having sex right now, but us. But we will press on."- Jake (John Cusack) The quest for the condom was a riot, while the family sing along was groan inducing.

Gordon B (it) wrote: It's got Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Alien Invaders, & all the other flimsy charms a good Japanese monster/Kaiju movie should have

Yash B (us) wrote: It's a heartfelt and very funny movie. It's an original movie that is surprisingly very clever. It's better than I expected for sure. Among the better animation films out there that all ages can enjoy together.

FilmGrinder S (kr) wrote: I think this film influenced the Coen brothers. Molly (Joe Don Baker), the charater can be seen in BLOOD SIMPLE as Loren Visser (M. Emmet Walsh) and in NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN as Anton Chigurh (Javier Bardem), and even some plot points are similar.

Sherry M (fr) wrote: daughter wwould love it