Lassie's Great Adventure

Lassie's Great Adventure

While in Canada Timmy and Lassie encounter a downed hot air ballonist. By accident they end up in the balloon which takes them into the wilderness. The young boy and his dog must find a way to survive even fending off a wild pig.

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Alison W (ag) wrote: I really liked this documentary and the way the filmmaker incorporated the stories of these ladies along with the story of the pageant.

Marissa P (kr) wrote: Pretty much surprised me, since at the onset, it seemed to be typical...Life sucks, why bother. Great quote used for the central theme. Fast forwarded through a bit, thank God for subtitles, but overall a good film. I enjoyed it.

Andrew S (kr) wrote: i really enjoyed this film although never heard of it before i decided to get it and watch it anyway about a washed up music producer who in a last ditch attempt to release a great track hires a studio out of hours to do the work when no one is there thats when it starts to take a sinister turn worth watching

Roy W (gb) wrote: Strong acting, got carried away. Very credible.

Joshua L (jp) wrote: Short film from the creators of "Napoleon Dynamite". Worth the watch FOR FANS ONLY!

Michael T (br) wrote: Fascinating & disturbing; one of the best documentaries ever made.

Kristen H (nl) wrote: This is probably the only Jake movie that i will ever give 2 stars. Lol

John C (it) wrote: its an ok movie i watched it just for something to do to pass the time.

Jason R (ca) wrote: Interesting, short movie about a necrophiliac. The movie tries to show how the girl develops into her compulsion and what it means to her. The idea that girl feels she is a conduit between the living and the dead tries to explore why it isn't sex for her. The love story is a little abrupt due to the length of the movie but is still creepy.

Marlin S (mx) wrote: Editing/storytelling is a little confusing at times, but regardless the film is a tour de force.

Simon D (nl) wrote: I had no idea that there were more films featuring Monsieur Hulot but obviously there is. This is two hours of clever, almost slapstick French comedy set in fairly everyday locations such as airports, offices and restaraunts. Quite amusing stuff.

Zoran S (jp) wrote: Slow moving and too long, but the second half is very effective. The conclusion is especially thrilling. The DVD needs an upgrade as it is too dark and faded.

Jamie C (mx) wrote: This was my first film I went to see at the cinema, I was 5, Anyway back then I thought it was great but now I'm older it's not that great, Kids will love it but that's it.

Ebony S (gb) wrote: Lovely little love story.. Great sat/sun afternoon duvet day watch!!

Cristbal S (de) wrote: One of the greatest views of mental illness I've ever seen. Terrific perfomance from Dustin Hoffman, and also a great Tom Cruise interpretation in his early days.

just a g (ag) wrote: If you like Kevin Hart's stand-up, you will love this movie. It may not be the best, but it's packed with laughs and that's really all anyone should be watching a movie like this for anyway. I would also like to note that the trailers used surprisingly little content from the movie - gotta love that.

Jorge V (kr) wrote: Just watched this again. I had forgotten how good this movie was. Considering that it is B horror movie from the eighties the story and it's humor still hold up. The special effects however are looking pretty dated by todays standard. All You need to know about this movie is that it is a race to find a book that holds the secret to all of creation. In other words if the Warlock isn't stopped he will have the power to destroy the universe.

Aj V (ca) wrote: A strange romance movie, I saw it a very long time ago and I didn't care for it, but maybe I should see it again?